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LA Haze.
Wedgie in the desert.
Sunset. Spot the 🍾 #ShotOnLarry #LeicaQ
A sub 2 hour marathon. Insane. Two of my favourite @kipchogeeliud photos. Congratulations on breaking 2 Eliud. No human is limited.
Realised I had only been posting work here. More of that soon, but for now #life 🧡
“All I wanna do is dance and skate” #LeicaQ
Notes on Blindness. In 1983, when writer John Hull went blind just before the birth of his son, he started making a diary on audio cassette to make sense of all the changes. Thanks to @archersmark for this opportunity. See the amazing film on Netflix if you haven’t already.
@asisat_oshoala for @nike It seems like time with talent is getting more limited than ever before. Shot this with my #LeicaQ which I had in one hand, a monitor for the film campaign in the other during our walk from changing room location to pitch. I’ve said it before but I really love the results you get from restricted time. Don’t tell the producers that though. 
Produced by Lundi Shackleton
Thanks to @archersmark @dheerna @jools90 @lcbrads
Part of my ongoing series Chicken Shop Allstars. I’ve always been fascinated by stock photos (check out @darkstockphotos) - while waiting for talent in the studio, I started taking my own, all prompted by seeing this chicken box (👉🏻) on the floor. Who takes those photos and what’s their usage?!
Rain in Richmond Park.