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@reedboggs knows how to wake him up in the morning! 🤪 We hope you’re not travel sick! 🌪⚡️ - - - #Hutchinsontires #YourOwnPath #Griffus #FrontFlip
Riding with the sunset 🤩 Who's addicted to this light? The Kraken is 🦑 🙌 Our new Trail tyre is your new best mate for this kind of adventure! - - - #HutchinsonTires #YourOwnPath #Kraken
Which Mountain Pass would you love to climb right now? ↗️⛰🤗 - - - #Hutchinson #HutchinsonTires #YourOwnPath #Fusion5 #roadcycling
We're so pleased to see @teamtotaldirectenergie and @burgosbh will be part of La Vuelta 2020 🇪🇸⚡️ → 20th of October - 8th of November - - - 📸 @teamtotaldirectenergie #HutchinsonTires #Hutchinson #Fusion5 #LaVuelta20 #TeamTotalDirectEnergie #SomosBurgosBH #RoadCycling
Gravel Ride: tell us what you always bring with you! 🍪? 🔧? 🥓? - - - 📸 @davidanddouglas #HutchinsonTires #Hutchinson #YourOwnPath #Touareg
The sign of a (really) good weekend ⚡️🐾 How was yours? - - - #HutchinsonTires #Hutchinson #YourOwnPath #Griffus
Are our Fusion 5 tyres for road cycling so good, that you're able to smile like this during the climbs? 😁😆 - - - #HutchinsonTires #Fusion5 #RoadCycling #MadeInFrance
Sunset ride anyone? We’re waiting for you! - - - #HutchinsonTires #Hutchinson #Kraken 🦑
✸ T O U A R E G ✸ → A tyre developed to meet optimal efficiency wherever in the world you are 🌍 → Providing the best combination of performance, grip and durability! 🙌 - - - 📸 @davidanddouglas #HutchinsonTires #Hutchinson #Gravel #Touareg
Fresh dirt and fresh new tyre 🙏🤩 This is the perfect combo, wouldn’t you agree?⚡️ @kilianbron - - - #Hutchinsontires #YourOwnPath #Toro #Bike
For those who are still unable to ride, enjoy what you can, it'll soon be your turn and stay safe everyone 🤗☀️ - - - 🎥 @yannis_pele #Hutchinsontires #YourOwnPath #Griffus #11Mai #StaySafe
« The comfort/ performance ratio was perfect. I didn’t feel like I was stuck on the road. On the pure gravel parts, the grip was adequate, I could ride and accelerate, and reach more than 40km/h on the flat portions without the slightest problem », @nthnyrchlt - This is the Touareg - #Hutchinsontires #YourOwnPath #Touareg #Gravel #GravelBike - 📸 @davidanddouglas
« After just the first few rides I immediately felt free to do all I wanted in a bike ride, on and off road, with no limits, Touareg is a super versatile all-rounder tyre, I love it! », @cento_canesio - This is the Touareg - #Hutchinsontires #YourOwnPath #Touareg #Gravel #GravelBike - 📸 @davidanddouglas
We're following a new path... 🙌 Stay tuned → 04/05/2020 - - - #HutchinsonTires #YourOwnPath
Tomorrow you'll know where your new path takes you... → 04/05/2020 🤗 8am (CEST Time) - - - 📸 @davidanddouglas #Hutchinsontires #YourOwnPath #Gravel
Ride further, longer and discover the world with our new Gravel tyre 🌍 Let's learn to travel differently 🚲😍 - - - 🎥 @davidanddouglas @blackballoonagency #Hutchinsontires #YourOwnPath #Touareg
All the technical details you have to know about our new Gravel Tyre 👆🌍 Good times ahead! - - - #HutchinsonTires #YourOwnPath #Touareg #Gravel #GravelBike
« It’s much easier when you know you’re riding something you can really trust and that’s exactly my feeling about the Touareg », @elena_bris - This is the Touareg 🌍 - #Hutchinsontires #YourOwnPath #Touareg #Gravel #GravelBike - 📸 @davidanddouglas
« Grippy enough on the edges for the roughest gravel but fast enough rolling to keep things fun on the tarmac, a proper tyre for adventuring », @francisccade - This is the Touareg 🌍 - #HutchinsonTires #YourOwnPath #Touareg #Gravel #GravelBike - 📸 @davidanddouglas
We already have another surprise just around the corner 🤩 Stay tuned → 04/05/2020 - - - #HutchinsonTires #YourOwnPath
This is how one day in quarantine looks like for with @yannis_pele! 🏠🙌 - For the one who don’t know him, he’s a young French rider 🇫🇷 who was paralysed three years ago after a MTB crash.. He worked hard, harder than you could imagine, he recovered and he’s know enjoying life (and being on his bike) more than ever! 🤘💪😍 - He’s a real inspiration for everyone and we hope he can be your sunshine today! ☀️ - Enjoy everyone, stay safe and we’ll be out soon again 🙏 - - - #HutchinsonTires #YourOwnPath #StayHome #Covid_19
All these places in one video for the last episode of « One year trip in America » with @titotomasi 🙌 - This episode comes to an end of 11 month on the road, 32 000 kilometers with the van, 4000 kilometers on the saddle and 125 000 meters of elevation, insane isn’t it? 😍 - Full edit on @titotomasi’s YouTube Channel! 📺 - It’s time to dream again about being free but for now, please stay home and be careful 🙏 - #HutchinsonTires #YourOwnPath
Get out of your confort zone and try something different! ⚡️⚡️⚡️ - This is what @antonivilloni did in this 360 on-board cam 💪 And this is what we do every day in our factory to produce the best tires! 😎 - - - #Hutchinsontires #YourOwnPath #MadeInFrance
What can you do when you have a brand new race kit you can't wear for now and it's Easter? 🍫🐰 You decide to stay positive, have fun and eat a lot 😂 - Happy Easter to everyone from the @commencalenduroteam 🌱🐣 - - - #HutchinsonTires #HappyEaster
If you want to explore a new part of the world, you should watch Cecile @ravanel_mtb’s last edit 🌱🤩 - She rides at home - which is in the South of France 🇫🇷, and we fully get why she loves this place more than anywhere else 🙌 - Link on her account 🤟 - - - #HutchinsonTires #YourOwnPath #Toro #RacingLab 📸 @pango_visual
SOMETHING NEW IS COMING... 🦑 → Save the date: Monday 20th of April, 8am (CEST Time) - - - #Hutchinsontires #YourOwnPath #XC #Trail
SOMETHING NEW IS COMING... 🦑 → Tomorrow Monday 20th of April, 8am (CEST Time) - - - #Hutchinsontires #YourOwnPath #XC #Trail
Say hello to The KRAKEN 💥🦑 Our new XC/Trail tyre! All the details and specifications in our bio! - We know that not everyone will be able to head out to their local bike shop and ride these tyres right now! → → But no worries, the Kraken will be waiting! 🦑 - - - #HutchinsonTires #YourOwnPath #Kraken
KRAKEN 🦑 - OUR NEW TIRE - We've been working hard on this new tread for 12 months now, so let's look into the key details below👇 - → Made for XCO and Trail/XC Marathon 💪 → Versatile Tire in a mix of terrains (rocky, muddy, rough terrain) 🦹‍♀️ → Available in 29x2.30 with RRX Compound → Made in France (obviously!) 🇫🇷 - - - #HutchinsonTires #YourOwnPath #kraken
Would you like to know more about the Kraken’s architecture story? 🦑🤓 - All these details are for you! - 👉 The tread (drawn in red on the picture) comes from Hutchinson’s XC background and has been inspired by the Skeleton 🌶 The Kraken maintains this characteristic « backbone » which is proven to supply great performance but its overall design has been upgraded to improve traction and braking 🤘 To create a more versatile tyre, the knobs were built higher and with a greater volume, whilst the tread shape has been opened up. The rolling performance is guaranteed by the knobs’ orientation and the continuous height of the central tread! - 👉 The intermediate smaller knobs (in orange) are distributed further apart than those on the central part ☄️ Their height, positioning and shape have been carefully studied to work somewhat like suction cups on tentacles, contributing to the Kraken’s traction. Homogeneously distributed along the surface, the knobs also improve the tyre’s puncture protection - 👉 The side knobs (in green) of the Kraken are based on the strengths of the Cobra but upgraded 🐍 In order to provide maximum confidence in cornering, they’re massive compared to the central and intermediate ones. Those side knobs have also been inspired by the aggressive Griffus 2.5 😍 They are linked in pairs and their «buttresses» run down the sidewall to strengthen the structure during distortion, reinforcing the grip. As the ultimate goal of this agile tyre is to provide maximum assurance in all circumstances, the combo Kraken – Kraken is already a favourite of our pro-XC athletes 🦑⚡️❤️ - - - #HutchinsonTires #YourOwnPath #Kraken
The Kraken, our new XCO/Trail tyre is also available in a Tan Sidewall version! 🦑 Who's a big fan of this old school style? 🙋‍♀️ - - - #HutchinsonTires #YourOwnPath #Kraken
What’s the best combo with the Kraken? 🧐🦑 It depends on what kind of riding you do! → For Cross-Country: Kraken Front and Skeleton Rear → For Trail/XC Marathon: Kraken Front and Rear → Extrem conditions: Taipan Front and Kraken Rear Have fun! ⚡️ - - - #HutchinsonTires #YourOwnPath #Kraken
The @andaluciabikerace is over! ☀ Our week in a few numbers: ▸ 8 riders for one team 🤩 ▸ 6 stages / 6 stages podiums + a 2nd place overall in the Women Masters Category for Luisa🥈 ▸▸▸▸ ‼️ ZERO FLAT ‼️ 🤝 😎 - ¡Gracias a todos por esta maravillosa semana! 🥰💥 - - - And a special thanks to @226ers @sportmed_es @rudyproject @arabaycoffee @viator_es @bh_bikes and all the staff from the @andaluciabikerace - #HutchinsonTires #YourOwnPath #abr2020
► Racing Lab Report! 🌡 Quick overview about what we’ve done out in Finale Ligure 🌴 a few weeks ago with all our key test riders: - We had some fresh tires to try, with new compounds and sidewalls and allowed the riders to go back to back on them with their 2019 setups 🤓 Listening to their feedback, adjusting setups each run and defining which features were an improvement is the mission of our Racing Lab 🤜🤛 - ‼️These test sessions give us the opportunity to decide where to focus our development going forward, which ends up with a better end product for both our elite athletes and the end consumer too. - Some details from this Enduro test: ➤ All of them were riding on a 29er 𐃏 Keeps feedback more consistent with one wheel size ➤ All of riders will be riding the GRIFFUS in double casing (what we call the 2x66)✌️because it matches with their need for racing: tough enough sidewalls, without sacrificing rolling resistance and weight 💪 ➤ They’ll probably ride with some prototypes on some races too to continue our development 😇 ➤ The Griffus in 2.5 widths could be ideal on the rear wheel when the riding is on gnarly DH style trails, or even Bike Parks where traction and braking are priority. But for most of the time they'll stick with the go to setup of 2.4 - 🎥 @tdg_photography - #Hutchinsontires #RacingLab #Griffus
We're proud to support them in their work, passions and projects! 🚴‍♀️🚵🏻‍♀️😍 The International Women's Day is a day to remember they're all working as hard as anybody else to follow their dreams and reach their own goals 🦸‍♀️ ⚡️ Thanks for everything you bring to us and keep going 💪🤘 - - - #IWD #Hutchinsontires #YouOwnPath
⚠️ The @parisnicecourse 2020 has started on Sunday and today the finish was in a town called Chalette-sur-Loing‼️ This is where we’re making our tires! - Did you know we’re the only French brand producing our tires on French soil? 🇫🇷💪 And we’ve been doing it for the last 130 years! - Go and support the @teamtotaldirectenergie for the week! - - - 📸 @stefcande #HutchinsonTires #YourOwnPath #AllezTotalDirectEnergie #ParisNice
Last week the Elysee Palace 💫 in Paris was showing a few products 100% made in France 🇫🇷 and one of them was this @caminadebikes built with our gravel tyre the OVERIDE! What an honour 🤩😎 - - - #HutchinsonTires #YourOwnPath #PalaisDelElysee #MadeInFrance #Overide
🪓🚲 Special edit from the @commencalenduroteam! Follow @ravanel_mtb and her protégé @antoine_vidal07 on a training day at home, south of France! 🌴🌤 They're both running the new Griffus front and rear for good times🤘 - - - 🎥 @pango_visual #Hutchinsontires #YourOwnPath #Griffus
How our Enduro racers feel right now since they heard the two first @enduro_world rounds have been postponed 😖🤷‍♀️ @isabeau_c @antoine_vidal07 @ravanel_mtb @galytheo - - - 📸 @lepresti #HutchinsonTires #YourOwnPath #Griffus
Who would love riding from this start? 🙋‍♀️ 🤩 - - - 📸 @antonivilloni #HutchinsonTires #YourOwnPath #Griffus
France's specialities aren't only baguette and croissants 🥖🥐 We make tires too since 1890 😎 - - - #HutchinsonTires #YourOwnPath #MadeInFrance
After the epic CHINA BOUND video, @antonivilloni decided to release his GoPro footage from this crazy expedition! He told us: « It wouldn't have been a proper trip if I hadn’t made a #GoPro edit so here we are! Discover through my eyes, which includes everything you haven't seen from my trip out to #China! » - - - #Hutchinsontires #YourOwnPath #Griffus
Snow on top of the mountains, spring weather down the valley and the Fusion 5 on your wheels, aren’t these the best conditions ever for road cycling? 🥰 - - - #HutchinsonTires #Fusion5 #ElevenStorm
Here we have @isabeau_c's new bike for 2020! She'll be riding for the newly formed @lapierrezippcollective team! 😍 How cool is that? ⚡️ - 👉 She told us:
We’re stoked to announce that @isabeau_c is going to race with a Hutchinson branded helmet for 2020 and beyond! 💥💥💥 After racing on our tires for more than four years, it was awesome to be able to step up and do something special for her! What do you guys think?? 🤩 - - - #HutchinsonTires #YourOwnPath #Griffus 📸 TDG-Photography
Go off the tracks with the Overide! It’s the perfect partner for intense or improvised mixed paths. The Overide also has a Hardskin reinforcement for better puncture resistance. Keep riding in all weather, even in winter! Overide comes in 3 sizes: 700x35 / 700x38 and 650bx47. Available in Full Black and Tan Wall. From 350g. #HutchinsonTires #Overide #YourOwnPath #Gravel
We are happy to announce that Hutchinson will be partner of two new races for Vélo Vert Festival next year: Gravel Camp Hutchinson & Gravel Ultra Hutchinson! 🏔 Can't wait to be in June! Who else will join us? 🤟 More info on @velovert @vvfestival - - - #HutchinsonTires #vvfestival #Gravel
Wanna see how the Overide looks like on a bike? Check out this amazing combo: our Overide 650bx47 on a Caminade bike! What’s your thougths?🔥 #HutchinsonTires #Overide #YourOwnPath #Caminade
Hutchinson wishes you a Merry Christmas! Hope you’ll enjoy Holiday Season and take a ride outside like @kilianbron to celebrate winter with your favorite tires! - - - #HutchinsonTires #KilianBron #MerryChristmas
In 2019, we were so happy to launch the Griffus! We hope you’re ready for 2020 because big things are coming…⏰🔥 - - - 📸 Romain Laurent #HutchinsonTires #Griffus #HappyNewYear
As New Year has just began, we would like to take the opportunity to thank all the people working with us all year-long, trusting us and our products, helping us to develop the best for our athletes while staying true to our values. Thanks a lot to our teams, our athletes, our ambassadors and our customers. Happy New Year! 🤟 - - - 📷 Romain Laurent / @tdg_photography #HutchinsonTires #HappyNewYear
The @commencalenduroteam will continue to ride with our tires in 2020! Welcome @icardo_alexis @alexrudeauofficiel @charleslaura !
🔥130 km/h on a bike! @antonivilloni going fast in Chatel Ski slope! - - - #hutchinsontires #yourownpath #hutchinson
First #Mission for @kilianbron in 2020! Chasing Volcanoes! - - - - - #hutchinsontires #hutchinson @commencalbikes 📹 @leonlenses
CHINA BOUND New Freeride project from @antonivilloni is out! - - - #hutchinsontires #YourOwnPath 📸 @mathieuplt
New rider for 2020, @oliviercuvet will ride with our tires from now! Welcome! - - - #hutchinsontires #YourOwnPath
New rider for 2020, @markymath will ride with our tires from now! Welcome! - - - #hutchinsontires #YourOwnPath