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Doing nothing is my favorite activity
Baby I just wanna dance with you
Beauty never sleeps
I just finished giving blood at the Red Cross today, in hopes of getting over my needle phobia while giving back to people who may need it ❤️ I’m still scared but so happy I did it, now that I finally weigh over 110 lbs hehe. Get over a fear today! Happy Halloween!
Oh, hi, I didn’t see you there
eat it
I started loving my body when I stopped looking at a scale and started eating what I wanted when I wanted. Clearly my money tree is thriving so you should probably take my advice (plus I do copious amounts of yoga ❤️)
Sharing the love
This drugstore cowgirl is off to Europe for a lil ✌🏼
Wholesome Irish content coming soon
“HEN explores the hierarchies and brutalities that develop in the relationships between five women over the course of one night when bridal party rituals take a horrific step too far.” This films means the world to me and I’m so excited for our premier tomorrow  @indiecorkfestival at 11:30 at Gate cinemas. Come if you’re here ❤️ all female cast: @pixie94x @tonior @plumalum @nessamatthews and me :) plus female writer @epidermia and director @j.kemperman love you all 💋full trailer in my bio
It’s feckin cute like
@ me with your jet lag remedies, don’t say bath bomb.