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Moving wood, cutting wood, splitting wood, organizing wood....getting ready for more woodenware and snow.
Back at the lathe. More travel cups for custom orders and soon more in stock plus plates on the website. #woodencups
All wood....all the time.
Here’s a small tea cup that was turned from a green box elder burl.

As the wood dried the layers of grain shrunk at different rates leaving the surface uneven and undulating.

This cup received layers of black and red urushi which were sanded in between coats. When sanded the uneven surface created a very interesting pattern.

I’ll be exploring more of this as the winter progresses

#urushi #うるし #漆 #woodturning #greenwood #teabowl
This feels good and there are still 3 more days to turn this week. These are mostly travel cups with a few bowls mixed in. We’ll be having a sale Dec 6th. There will be bowls, cups, utensilsIf and some indigo dyed katazome and shibori too. If you want the specifics subscribe to our newsletter. Link in bio.

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Here is how I hollow the cups. #woodturning
Yesterday I posted part of the cup hollowing process. Today another.

After trimming the rim and hollowing the first few inches I drill a depth hole and then switch hooks. The first hook is more aggressive and has little to no outside bevel. Its great for roughing the deeper part of the cup.

Then I use a hook with a very specific taper and scroll. It has a compound grind on the outside that goes from no bevel at the base to moderate bevel at the tip. This allows the hook to cut at bottom of the cup and then clean stable bevel rubbing cuts on the cup walls.

Then comes the scrapers both handled(syaka) and hand held(usuba) I’ll show that tomorrow along with bottoming the outside of the cup.

#woodturning #japanesestylewoodturning #woodencups
Here’s the second hook in use. (Read the earlier post for description)
It took me many months of practice to get the tool rest slide technique I learned in Japan to a moderate degree of proficiency.
Here is the handled scraper in use. I use this after the hooks. It evens things out and smooths the slightly more aggressive hooks cut down. This tool takes a lot of practice to learn to use. Too much pressure on the cut and it will catch.
And the final cuts with the hand held scraper. This one I find very hard to maintain a good cutting edge. It is made from a High speed steel hacksaw blade, ground thin and beveled then has a burr added. When its right the shavings are long and so thin that they float in the air as they come out of the cup.
New bowl.

We’ll have a huge selection of bowls, travel cups, spoons, plus shibori and katazome indigo dyed textiles too.

Sale is next week. Newsletter subscribers get first pick. Link in bio.

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Jazmin @loveblueindigo has been dying in her new indigo vat the past few days. She made some awesome shibori scarves and some katazome handkerchief with my spoon designs on them. Her work will be part of the sale this coming week. Subscribe for the details. Link in bio.
#shibori #katazome #woodcraftstyle