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And some Valentine spoons finished as well.
Tonight I carved some old favorites. It’s been awhile since I’ve carved some of these forms. I’m feeling pretty inspired after seeing @bjorn.svantesson spoons as of late. I think the left one still might be too thick. ;)
Join me as I give a spoon carving demonstration and talk about my travels to Europe and Japan in search of authentic Wood Culture. I will share a photo presentation of wooden objects from museum archives and private collections that sparked my design inspiration as well as my experiences as a full-time craftsperson and craft teacher. Spoons of many makers, lacquerware from Japan, and other unique wooden objects will be on display to study and touch. Join us for refreshments, Q&A, and a Woodspirit Handcraft pop-up shop of bowls, cups, spoons, and indigo textiles before and after the event. This event is happening in conjunction with a Spoon Carving Masterclass and with the help of @portlandspoonclub and @cordpdx It’s free and open to the public. RSVP appreciated link in bio.
The snibbskål or eared bowl. Whatever you like to call it, it’s great for passing fine spirits around a group of friends.
The spoons are finished and ready for tomorrow’s Valentine’s day sale. Noon cst.
This and other boxes are still up for grabs. Sales on now. Link in bio
Phew. What a weekend. I had really nice time with these folks sharing stories, spoon carving techniques and design ideas while stressing the importance of consistent process and developing a clear design before starting to carve. - I also presented a slide show lecture Saturday night and had a great turnout. It was about the spoon carving and greenwoodworking scene in US, Europe and Japan #thenewwoodculture - A big thanks to everyone in Portland especially @portlandspoonclub @waldeinsamkeit_woodcraft and @portlandspooncompany and @kit_camp for the super sweet cherry wood!
More spoons...
Turning tools and the things they make. #woodenware #woodenbowls #woodencup #urushi #lacquerware #thenewwoodculture
I’ve intentionally avoided carving walnut for 20 years( honestly) Last year was the first time I touched the stuff when I did a run of spoons and made wagatabon with Moriguchi-san. I guess the non conformist in me kept me from wanting to like it. I was very bias about it. The ‘special’ woods always sell better even when the design is mediocre this also kept me from walnut. Of course there are great spoon carvers like @klipnockywoods who make sweet spoons from those woods. - A sweet piece of walnut was left here by @cole_holliday_handcraft a few weeks ago ( thank you) and after pulling rank on @greatlakeswoodcraft we cut it up for spoons for the operation here. Don’t worry Cole Joey got a cup blank and some spoon wood too. - I do like walnut but I’ll try not to make a habit of carving it 😉
In April I’ll be teaching a spoon carving class in Oakland CA at @o2aa.oakland Jazmin and I will also be attending the @kezusa where I’ll be demonstrating Japanese style woodturning and present a slide show on my travels and our studies in Japan. We’ll also have a small collection of Japanese lacquerware and some of our lacquerware for sale. - In honor of the event participants in the spooncarving masterclass will have the option to carve either Japanese style soup spoons or Swedish style spoons. - A few days after the kezuroukai we’ll head north to Sebastopol and teach a pole lathe turning class @hearthfolkschool - We are super excited to visit the Bay Area again and hope to catch up with old friends make new ones too. - I’m also looking for a greenwood source. Send me a DM if you can help. - Link to class registration in bio - #woodenspoons #spooncarving #polelathe #greenwoodworking #woodenbowl #thenewwoodculture #handmade #kezuroukaiusa
Slightly different direction today. I harveted some willow for my up and coming knutkorg workshop @northhousefolkschool during wood week. There was a cancellation so there’s one spot left! It’s going to be a great week! - Also visited friend, sawyer and local boat builder @jwswanandsons and got some cedar off cuts for the baskets and used his steam box to bend a few chouna handles. - The handles will dry for a year and then be added to my slowly growing pile of steam bent chouna handles. I’m making them from a variety of species.
I’m going to shed some of the weight I’ve gained over the holidays. I’ll go keto for a bit. Last time I did that I felt great! Aches and pains went away, morning sluggishness too...Believe it or not this is the first time I made ribs. Low and slow for hours, then blast in the broiler.
There’s a lump. See it? #lámhóg #polelathe #woodturning #greenwoodworking #woodencup
This bag of rice arrived yesterday and we are going to pound mochi on Saturday. I love mochi but not fond of the red bean filling that is typically inside them. Its hard to find unfilled mochi so I’m especially excited. So much for the keto...
I made this Uma. Its used to twist filter cloth with lacquer wrapped in it to filter dust from the lacquer.
Referencing the awesome and rare Norske drikkekar av tre by Per Gjærder. Unfortunately it’s extremely rare and very expensive. I was very lucky when a friend got this for me and I only paid $150-200 for it a few years ago. It’s so good. 499 plus pages of Norwegian wooden bowls, cups and coopered drinking vessels.
We pound mochi today.
We did it, we pounded mochi and had a great time with friends @jonathanwalburg and family. We learned a lot too. #mochi
Winding down the production of the lámhóg. Time for them dry and receive their finish before they are up for grabs in a few weeks. #lámhóg #polelathe #woodturning #woodencups #tradition
Handling some hook knives for class this weekend with a nankin kanna I made in October. Laminated blade(wrought and 1095) hard maple body. I’ll be forging more blades soon with wrought and white and blue paper steel. #spooncarving #nankinkanna
All over the place today. Tying up loose ends and finished a few wagatabon that @greatlakeswoodcraft Joey roughed out for me last week. @loveblueindigo took some photos with my phone. #wagatabon #japanesegreenwoodworking #greenwoodworking
Carving spoons and getting ready to sharpen all the knives for class on Saturday. #morakniv @morakniv #reidschwartz @reidschwartz #pinewoodforge @robinwoodcraft @woodtools @woodspirithandcraft
My relationship with sharpening will be tested today. Sharpening is something I feel I can always improved upon, especially spoon hooks. By that I mean both the attitude and skill required.
All wood....all the time.
Here’s a small tea cup that was turned from a green box elder burl. As the wood dried the layers of grain shrunk at different rates leaving the surface uneven and undulating. This cup received layers of black and red urushi which were sanded in between coats. When sanded the uneven surface created a very interesting pattern. I’ll be exploring more of this as the winter progresses #urushi #うるし #漆 #woodturning #greenwood #teabowl
This feels good and there are still 3 more days to turn this week. These are mostly travel cups with a few bowls mixed in. We’ll be having a sale Dec 6th. There will be bowls, cups, utensilsIf and some indigo dyed katazome and shibori too. If you want the specifics subscribe to our newsletter. Link in bio. #woodenbowls #woodencup #woodcup #bowls #tableware #tablewaredesign #thenewwoodculture #woodspirithandcraft #greenwoodworking #spooncarving #handmade
Here is how I hollow the cups. #woodturning
Yesterday I posted part of the cup hollowing process. Today another. After trimming the rim and hollowing the first few inches I drill a depth hole and then switch hooks. The first hook is more aggressive and has little to no outside bevel. Its great for roughing the deeper part of the cup. Then I use a hook with a very specific taper and scroll. It has a compound grind on the outside that goes from no bevel at the base to moderate bevel at the tip. This allows the hook to cut at bottom of the cup and then clean stable bevel rubbing cuts on the cup walls. Then comes the scrapers both handled(syaka) and hand held(usuba) I’ll show that tomorrow along with bottoming the outside of the cup. #woodturning #japanesestylewoodturning #woodencups
Here’s the second hook in use. (Read the earlier post for description) It took me many months of practice to get the tool rest slide technique I learned in Japan to a moderate degree of proficiency.
And the final cuts with the hand held scraper. This one I find very hard to maintain a good cutting edge. It is made from a High speed steel hacksaw blade, ground thin and beveled then has a burr added. When its right the shavings are long and so thin that they float in the air as they come out of the cup.
New bowl. We’ll have a huge selection of bowls, travel cups, spoons, plus shibori and katazome indigo dyed textiles too. Sale is next week. Newsletter subscribers get first pick. Link in bio. #handmadeforchristmas #woodenbowls #woodencup #woodenspoons #shibori #indigo
Jazmin @loveblueindigo has been dying in her new indigo vat the past few days. She made some awesome shibori scarves and some katazome handkerchief with my spoon designs on them. Her work will be part of the sale this coming week. Subscribe for the details. Link in bio. - #shibori #katazome #woodcraftstyle