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my parents always say that when i was little, i wished on a star for a little sister. then, @madison_sloane was born, and i immediately regretted it. but now she’s my favorite person to sit in complete silence on facetime with. happy birthday maddie ily❤️❤️❤️
small things
my blood!!!
just wrapped writing on season 1 Gayme Show. i’m so grateful to have been a part of it and can’t wait for everyone to become gay after watching it ❤️
girls in coats.. yes we exist
went to ‘The L Word’ premiere this week and all i have to say is: Porter? i barely know ‘er.
📸: @avapalazzolo
went on a Date
📸: @mean_emma
yesterday was the best birthday i’ve had in years and i’m so grateful to be surrounded by such loving & thoughtful people—like this one, who looks like she could say “actually that’s not the truth, ellen” at any minute.
rolled into 2020 dancing to “hollaback girl,” surrounded by bottoms
wait wtf should i go to coachella this year
real intimacy is having an entire conversation without using words