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Quick drop in visit to the mothership!
Turns out if you leave home for 6 weeks, when you come back there are magically peaches and figs! Nice to be back in LA for a few days 🙏
Happy one year anniversary for @severancewinebar and @evancharest . Appropriate amounts of champagne sabering are occurring to celebrate
Found some throwback matches from two of my favorite bars that don’t exist in LA anymore :( Glad that @hereandnowdtla keeps the spirit of westbound going though!
Little taste of Quebec City while in...Quebec
Back at @hereandnowdtla for the first time in a while! #labars #cocktails #cocktailculture
Continually reminded at how cool it is to live in LA. Short little bike ride down the street and able to take quick stop at Disney Animation.
Big ol’ motion graphics family reunion tonight! #ctrlz
I will never be able to be in the Chicago airport without thinking of Home Alone 😂
A very full @silentpartnersstudio at the Montreal home base!
Getting to spend the last few nights at the Hollywood Bowl with two of our artists has been pretty special.  I performed at Hollywood Bowl with the high school marching band from my small Ohio town way back when, and it seemed like such a crazy place I would never see again. Grateful to get to come and play here 🎉
‘Tis the season!