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julieplec's Posts

Hard at work. Really.
Dog. ❤️❤️❤️
Happy Friday! 🐶❤️💃
Dog’s first snow.
Unintentional Eddie Bauer photoshoot brought to you by @cary.lalonde. #bigbear
Perfect score, baby!!! 🙄😳😬😩🥺
I’ve been thinking a lot about #TVD lately. Feeling nostalgic, I guess. Found a few photos I figured I’d share. Ahhh, memories.
And a few more.... #tvd
Special @paulwesley appreciation collection. 😛😎❤️
Good morning. This is what greets you at LAX before you wait in line for an hour amidst thousands of holiday travelers. #nofilter
Love this show. Love this cast and crew. Love these fans. Excited to bring you more. #legacies