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Illuminated in light is where you belong @katerutherford, happiest of sun laps to you my friend • Ecstasy Arete- Pine Creek Canyon, Ca 2019 • @patagonia_climb
TIME #02022020
6,000 ft- With each spin of the cranks I roll further into the Canyon and up the mountain. A scampering sound above in the walled chasm reveals a Desert Bighorn ewe peering down on me. 7,500 ft- Still peddling now through a Piñon forest. To my left and right chickadees fastidiously call away in their busy industrial manner. So many switchbacks, feels like I’ve been climbing forever, mileage is not my friend today. 9,000 ft- The landscape changes yet again, now it appears to be more of a plateau, I hear the cries of Clark’s Nutcracker on the wind. Still rolling, slowly rubber meets dirt and rock. 10,000 ft- Rounding yet another corner, a Red Tail flushes and takes flight from an outstretched skeletal arm of Limber Pine. “What are you doing here”, my mind asks, but like the hawk we are both currently out of our “normal” winter ranges. This is the summer home of the first nations people where they would spend their summers hunting deer and sheep and collecting Pine Nuts. This is not a winter mountain bike destination, particularly while wearing shorts... Normally on the 4th of February I would be flying down, opposite valley, one of the mountains on skis. Not this year, we are in a world of a warming climate. While not here to complain about my first world recreation problems, nor am I here to be fooled by an affective sample size of one… In the twenty years of skiing in the Sierra Nevada of California, this feels like the driest year. This is about the changing climate we all live in. 10,300 ft- While peddling past the senesced grasses and flowers of sagebrush, I encounter the first patch of snow where I need to get off my bike. In nearly 6,000ft of climbing every patch was ridable, not a ski turn in sight. Yesterday, the primaries bagan with the first caucus in Iowa, Democrats in search of the nominee to stand up against Trump. (We don’t need to talk about how they failed us with disorganization) Have you supported your favorite grassroots nominees? The time is now to make a difference. I will be the first to admit, I’ve been quite silent over the past three years. *Please read rest in comments!
We’re all just stardust after all, so don’t fucking waste it Baja California Sur // Dec 2019
“The universe, she’s wounded and she’s still got infinity ahead of her, but she’s still got you and me” Change happens with each new moon, shift in season, additional year and cumulative decade, but none of that matters without the journey into ones self. Happy New Year ya filthy animals 🤙
So proud to finally present Rotpunkt to the world! It’s been a crazy journey but we’ve done it @alexandermegos, @chelcijolli, @kahlilhudson, @alxlwthr and @monikamcclure • The world premiere is the 10th of Oct. Find the tour dates and a stop near you in the link via my profile • Directed By: @ken_etzel & @chelcijolli Edit: @kahlilhudson Produced: @alxlwthr & @monikamcclure Additional edit: @classy_jack Color: @earth_to_greg at @a52color Music: @sandersbohlke • And thank you- @norbert__sandner @thestonemind @kristotorgersen @j_nielsen @dickikorb @kraftfactory @cafekraft_nuernberg @ballisbrain @sonnietrotter @kike.molares @tenayaclimbing @dmm_wales @arnaudpetit_climb @samwhittaker7 And so many more..... • @patagonia @patagonia_climb #RotpunktFilm
Action Directe was the first 9a or 5.14d in the world. A visionary route first climbed by Wolfgang Güllich in 1991. Still a testpiece to this day even @alexandermegos himself labels it as his most memorable ascent to date • Wolfgang’s legacy lives on through the images of @ballisbrain and the #stylefirst mentality of Alex • 1: A throwback to Balli’s style of Alex on Action Directe 2: One of Balli’s images of the great Wolfgang Güllich on his Action Directe 3: The artist himself- @ballisbrain 4: Balli’s archive where he documented the invention of the Redpoint, a rag tag bunch of tight wearing hippies and countless first ascents • The film premieres on the 10th of Oct in Boulder Colorado. I hope to see you there! • Some of my dates (many more in profile link) Oct 10- Boulder Oct 11- SLC Ut at the @thefrontslc Oct 12- RRG for Roctoberfest! Oct 15- Reno! Oct 16- Santa Monica Oct 17 Ventura • #RotpunktFilm @patagonia_climb
“The idea of the redpoint, gave climbing what it is today” - @alexandermegos • “The idea of free climbing is about setting yourself free”- @ballisbrain • “Everything changed with this red dot 🔴”- @dickikorb • Led by mastermind Kurt Albert the idea of hard free climbing was born in rural Bavaria, by a bunch of tight wearing, counterculture visionaries with this paradigm shifting concept of the “Rotpunkt”. Alex was born and raised in the Frankenjura and is the first descendent of this philosophy • Routes such as Perfecto Mundo are just the start. #RotpunktFilm is about Alex’s path to pushing the standards of hard rock climbing, the 10,000 hour rule is just the beginning • Find a tour date in the link via my profile. I hope to see you at a showing! • @patagonia_climb
It was a sign, we had to stop 😂 • On the road with #RotpunktFilm 🔴 • Hang with @alexandermegos @sonnietrotter and @chelcijolli in SF tonight! • I’ll be holding it down in Reno tonight for all the Reno/Tahoe/lost Sierra Peeps • SoCal! We are coming your way tomorrow! Check the times and dates in me profile 🍻 • #Rotpunkt is #Redpoint in German @patagonia_climb @patagoniareno @sportsbasement #CarrotsForPower
If home is where the heart lies, then the Lost Sierra fills an important part of my existence • @patagonia_mtb @yubaexpeditions #MTB
#RotpunktFilm documents the advent, agony and the art of the Redpoint through @alexandermegos’ efforts to redefine the boundaries of the form. Along with some amazing archival footage of Frankenjura legends, we follow Alex through four countries as he tries some of the hardest routes in the world 🔴 • Catch the rest of the tour! •Tonight I’ll be in NYC with #RussClune at @patagonia_nyc (meatpacking). Doors open at 7!•Tomorrow 10/24 find me at @patagonianashville • Friday 10/25 don’t miss us at @patagoniavancouver • 10/31 find Megos and myself in Bishop Ca, we’ll be showing the film with @bishopclimbers • @patagonia_climb #RockClimbing
The #RotpunktFilm tour has been amazing. Thank you to everyone who came out • Currently amped upon my return to The Lost Sierra, my buds and some Dirt Magic • @patagonia_mtb @yubaexpeditions
Cold nights, crisp mornings and perfect days • #EasternSierra #InspiredByGalen
It’s dangling season here in the Eastern Sierra. Feels so good to spend time with friends, breathe in the desert air and even giving a little try hard on occasion • Thanks for the great days @dialogue4peace and @alexandermegos 🤘 • @patagonia_climb @tenayaclimbing • #EasternSierra #Bouldering
The land we play on is not ours to trample and discard. It has history, life and spirit of its own. As this desert season approaches, let’s keep things in perspective. The bush, the rock and the soil are not below us. Please tread lightly and with respect, each step we take has more impact than our little but eager brains can comprehend
En•dem•ic (of a plant or animal) native and restricted to a certain place Foxtail Pines (Pinus balfouriana) only live between 9,000 and 11,000 ft in the southern Sierra Nevada Mtns of California • Not a bad place to be rooted forever, in my opinion....
You tried to drown your sorrows Shouldn’t taught em to swim Now you’re right back Where you began Winter skies approaching All alone in the wasteland Alone is the only way That they let you in So drink all of my wine Cut all of my trees Make love on my beaches Smoke all my weed I am California Can’t you see Where ever you roam You’ll always want me We struggle with our lovers We don’t know what to let in Cause the new ones pay For the old ones sins Blinded by your shadow Faded all your love You don’t know how deep You are til Ya get pulled back up So drink all my wine Cut all my trees Make love on my beaches Smoke all my weed I am California Can’t you see Where ever you roam You’ll always want me -@johncraigie @gregoryalanisakov 🙏 In a former winged life, I painted songs with my feathers, until I find that space again, I’ll be plagiarizing quotes 😂