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man of the people
shreki uce
I will kiss anything
🎀 @douginglish
@rollacoaster @smiggi x
“do the face”
Back when life was trouble-free
happy halloween
When ya bestie’s face is all over the town, love ya @melton
What a night. Thanks to all who came to our first show xxxx
I’ll Find A Window. We have finished the album.
Wake up. You, my tiny sleepy sons, are looking at a man who, despite some spurious protests that were made - has overcome the hugest of adversities, conquered the highest of mountains, emerged from the deepest of seas, hung from the highest of branches, crawled through the sludgiest of ponds and performed in the greatest venues, only to find himself right back where he began... in a first class business premiere extendable seat, drinking the finest of wines, eating rare, exotic foods that have been specially decorated with small leaves and other unimportant trinkets while conversing with the highest level human beings to walk this gigantic orb we call earth. I’m talking business CEO’s, lawyers, billionaires, celebrities, Charles Melton, award winning musicians, professional athletes, super models, ground breaking scientists / researchers, and sometimes (unfortunately for me) the odd person who got lucky with an upgraded ticket. You, my tiny boon companions, are looking at a man who goes by the name of Jimmothy Jarlomèt. And he has one last thing to say to you all... alu e aumai se ipu vai. now can someone plz get me a class of water. cheers
i think my camera is broken
will prob regret this
heycan some1 pls call me a cab
new #digis
@legendofficialband missing @robraco
how did i get here
just out here helpin the lads out.
don’t txt and drive
One of my last moments with the old lady. Taken by the man/myth/lej - @colesprouse . Rest in love sweet Furby. I’m sure you’re either frolicking through the fields right now, or manically biting you’re BEhind. Lol! ❤️
don’t even dare