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About to start 2020 with a banger...
📷: @thatsnathanjames
Have a Happy New Year 🙌🏿
Taking “Being a youtuber” to a whole new level. Changing the mindset bit by bit 
@thestmagazine 📷: @deanchalkley_
It’s almost that time... 📷: @thisisamandaw
Time to end Logan’s career tomorrow... 📷: @bastakespics
The only reason why I beat Logan. Shoutout to my team. Everyone did their part and for that, I thank you all. 
For those of you that are inspired by me, remember this, always help the people around you. Don’t always make it about you. Don’t be selfish. Don’t just have yes men around you, have people that will tell you how it is and be real with you 100% of the time. 
Lastly, shoutout to my real friends, my family and the supporters that had my back since day. I read a lot of messages during my time training and the support I had was unreal so thank you 🙌🏿 Shout out @newtrition4life too for being the best chef ever 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿
📷: @managerjon
Beat Logan Paul. ✅ 
Film Music Video 2 days after. ✅ 
Still laughing at Shannon Briggs 😂 ✅ “Down Like That” Out Now
📷: @bastakespics
Down Like That Out Now

Link in bio
From Fifa Gaming to winning A Pro Fight to making waves in the Music Scene...❤️ to all those who always have my back and to the haters... Keep doubting 😈 📷: @dawnkingston
Pro Fight, No Headguards
November 9th, 2019
LA Staples Center
@matchroomboxing @dazn_usa 
Lightwork 😎 @sidemenclothing 
@matchroomboxing @dazn_usa 📷: @bastakespics
US press conference done. Can’t wait for the U.K. one 🤣🤣🤣 📷: @thisisamandaw.
You’re losing to the Mayweather B-Team @loganpool
Did a bit of training this morning @tough_mudder
BIG UP KING KONG! U.K. Conference done. The support was unreal. No one does it like the U.K. 📷: @charliewoodwardmedia
Thought I would go with an old pic to show how much we’ve all changed over the years😂😂. We’ve been doing this for 6 years and I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙌🏿 #sidemen6years
Had some fun doing some boxing drills with my man @anthonyjoshua. Big up @williamhill
Fight camp done. This has hands down been the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Training twice a day (3 times on Tuesdays) and mountain runs on the Saturdays with Sundays to rest. My body has been pushed to a point I never knew I had. I came to Vegas to be trained by the best with no distractions and I have come out an absolute beast. Throughout this period I have missed my family, my friends and my beautiful girlfriend, but they all understood that me training in Vegas was necessary. I’m not lying when I say this, Logan Paul will not be able to handle me. I’m gonna drag him into deep waters. Shannon Briggs and all his other yes men can motivate Logan all they want, but when November 9th comes and he’s staring into my eyes in that ring, he will know he’s already lost. I hit hard, you know that, so I hope you’re prepared to work Logan, because 6 rounds of hell is coming your way...That’s if you last that long...Thank you @cityathleticboxing for your hospitality.
The Best Ever @floydmayweather