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Jannik in the wild. The wild wild.
Sunrise session in awe of Siberia‘s highest peak, Mount Belukha (4,506m / 14 783ft).
Thanks a TON for everyone who‘s ordered my 2020 Cabin Calendar!! I’ve earned a total amount of 0,0€ from it!!! 🎉😁May sound weird, but it’s actually really exciting, because 100% of my revenue is being used to plant trees and create jobs in Ethiopia. So if you want to plant trees... or you still need a good Christmas gift... or you just want 12 prime prints for little cash... you might wanna get one. The link is in my bio. [Sorry, unfortunately no shipping to North America. The costs (economically and ecologically) are simply too big.]
fading gold.
Still keep finding sweet shots of autumn in Altai. Have you had enough yet?
Cabins of the North.
Charity Calendar update:
•We’re at 2820 trees that are going to be planted in Ethiopia because of your calendar purchases!!!! 🌳🌳🌳
• If you want to get one in time for Christmas, you only have one more day to order
• Link is in bio
• Shipping limited to Europe, sorry
• Thanks for your ongoing support!!! 🙌🏻
Cabin Calendar Update:
• We’ve surpassed 3000 trees to be planted in Ethiopia thanks to your calendar purchases! 🎉🙌🏻
• I’ve still made 0,0 € from sales
• Everything is still going straight to the project
• You can still get them in time for Christmas • Use XMAS as a 15% discount code
• Link still in bio
• Still only ships Europe-wide, sorry
• You’re great.
Built by Vision.
For centuries, the people who came to this place saw nothing but a deep valley between two villages, covered by rocky slopes and thick forest. Beautiful, but almost impassable. Then, a few years ago, a man had a vision. While everyone was still seeing just woods and rocks, he saw a bridge, hanging high above the treetops, connecting places and people. A few years later, his vision came to life and suddenly anyone could see what was first created in the mind of a single man - Germany’s longest and most stunning suspension bridge. Never underestimate the power of your vision. It’s the origin of any blueprint.
#ManWithaVision #ChopardAlpineEagle @chopard
Good Morning Indeed.
Throwback to a one of the most memorable mornings of 2019, roaming around Seiseralm with my beloved girlfriend.
[anzeige/ad] Thanks @adidasterrex for providing the right equipment in any terrain! #createdwithadidas #terrexfreehiker
Same, but different.
These two pictures show the same houses, but the changes in perspective tell very different stories. The first photo shows a scene that was created to look beautiful - and surely it does. But I find the second picture more fascinating, because it shows aesthetic patterns that were never created to be seen. They weren’t created as art. Maybe they were not even art until they were viewed as such? Does something become art by the intention of the creator or by the perception of the viewer? Or both? ...Just some thoughts on a Sunday afternoon. Feel free to share yours! ✌🏻
A tower in the sky, 1000 meters high.
Throwback to a crazy moment of light in Southern Greenland.
w/ @chase.teron
Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! I know I’m late, sorry. 🙈 For the past 2 weeks I took a little break from the gram. I wasn’t feeling inspired and wanted to focus on spending time with my loved ones. Now I’m back with new energy and ideas, ready to launch the new year here with you guys!
I’m starting out with a shot that’s quite special to me. Why? I took it near my home town. Capturing my home town in an exciting way can be challenging, but I think I did well here. What you’re seeing is the North Sea during low tide. Every day, the water draws back for many kilometers, leaving a massive land of patterns and stream. This time I was lucky to catch a little boat to give you an idea of scale. More soon! 🙌🏻