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IM GONNA BE STREAMING ON TWITCH THIS SATURDAY 3pm WEST COAST TIME!!! All the RattPack come through and hang out go subscribe and follow now and I’ll see you then! Twitch.com/Logic
I also want to thank @razer and @technokat86 for all the love and lacing me with the equipment to be able to do all this!!! Really taking my time with the next album and have been having a blast making it. So while im home waiting for my son to get here I figured this would be a fun way to hang out with all my fans and talk about regular shit that isn’t just music lol. Also any donations and Subs are all gonna go to little bobby for clothes bottles and toys so the RattPack Fam is helping him grow, and if it gets really crazy we can do giveaways and donate portions to charities and so much more!! this is gonna be beyond fun. I can’t wait to hang kick back and play games together! I love you all and am so happy #RattPack all day everyday #BobbyBoyGaming
Streaming COS live with @ninja and @Tsm_myth come through!!!
Hollywood bowl last night was amazing!!!! I love what I do! This has been my dream since I was a child and I don’t take a single day of it for granted! #RattPack
Tour is so fun!!!!!
Louis Vuitton Briefcase 📸 - @mauimarcc
I am rapping today because of Wu Tang Clan. So to hear what was going on behind the scenes to make this happen is a feeling words can’t begin to describe! Thank you @rza And @bigboy for not only the kind words but for having real genuine conversations and pushing our culture forward through positivity! WU-TANG FOREVER 👐🏼👐🏼👐🏼👐🏼👐🏼👐🏼
I am so blessed! This is what I do! #RattPack
📸 - @mauimarcc
Dad Lyfe 🙌🏼
📸 - @mauimarcc
Backstage Madness
OCD ft @dwn2evrth. Available everywhere Friday.
OCD ft @dwn2evrth. Out now.
OCD 📸 - @hollywood_dom
Was so great hanging with @eltonjohn last night, still can’t believe he asked me to be on Bennie and the jets for his revamp album. The show was incredible his team is beyond kind and amazing!!! What a hell of a guy!