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Our newest instructor is a self-made billionaire who reinvented a product category and launched a brand that women around the world love. Now she’s sharing the skills and strategies she learned along the way. Introducing @spanx founder @sarablakely’s #MasterClass on Self-Made Entrepreneurship.
Our newest instructor led Disney through some of its biggest acquisitions and boldest moves. Now he’s teaching you his approach to risk-taking and evolving a brand. Introducing Bob Iger’s MasterClass on Business Strategy and Leadership.
Our newest instructor has spent 50 years researching the qualities that make leaders—from Lincoln to FDR—exceptional. Now the Pulitzer Prize-winning presidential biographer is teaching you how to develop the characteristics of great American leaders. Introducing @doriskgoodwin’s MasterClass on U.S. Presidential History and Leadership.
From choosing the right foundation to mastering a smoky eye and a statement lip, our newest instructor shares all her tips, tricks, and techniques for applying simple, fun makeup that enhances who you are. Introducing @justbobbibrown’s MasterClass on beauty and makeup.
As American Ballet Theatre’s first African American female principal dancer, our newest instructor has dazzled audiences around the world while opening doors for a new generation of performers. Now she’s sharing her personal journey, demonstrating her techniques, and teaching the power of owning who you are. Introducing @mistyonpointe’s MasterClass on Ballet Technique and Artistry.
With essays in The New Yorker, bestselling books like Calypso, tours, and readings on NPR, our newest instructor is one of the best-known essayists writing today. Now he’s teaching you how he turns everyday observations—the good, the bad, and the funny—into stories that connect with readers and live audiences. Introducing @davidsedarisbooks’s MasterClass on storytelling and humor.
During his 24 years with the FBI, our newest instructor rose to become the bureau’s lead hostage negotiator, entrusted with more than 150 international cases. Now he’s teaching you the skills and strategies for smarter negotiation at home, work, and everywhere in between. Introducing @thefbinegotiator’s MasterClass on the art of negotiation.
Our newest instructor is a world-renowned astrophysicist. Now he’s teaching you how to navigate biases, seek objective truths, and win over your audience. Introducing @neildegrassetyson’s MasterClass on scientific thinking and communication
Join @SPANX CEO @SaraBlakely for an Instagram Live Q&A hosted by MasterClass CEO David Rogier happening next Thursday, January 16 at 8:30 a.m. PT/11:30 a.m. ET.
Our newest instructor is one of Mexico’s most influential chefs and the restaurateur behind Contramar, a Mexico City culinary destination. Now she’s teaching you how to make simple, delicious dishes like tacos al pastor, tuna tostadas, fresh salsas, and more. Introducing @gabrielacamara’s MasterClass on Mexican cooking.
The minds behind iconic ads like “got milk?,” Goodby and Silverstein have pushed the boundaries of advertising for almost 40 years. Now they’re sharing how they did it—and how you can, too—in their new MasterClass.
On #WomenInScience Day, MasterClass instructor Dr. Jane Goodall shares her advice for aspiring women scientists. 👩‍🔬