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Male birth control has been “10 years away” for the past 50 years. Are we just getting conned? @hannahsmo investigates in our September issue🕵️‍♀️ Read it at the link in bio.
@therealluiji is an absolute stud. Never in my days have I met someone so committed to his goals. Time and Time again I've seen Lui overcome all obstacles as he has no quit in him. I'm honored to consider him a friend and a brother. He's the real deal, so go check out his class!!! You won't be disappointed.
TV show idea: 
Three teams compete to complete a grocery list in Costco.  The twist is; they can only shop out of other people's shopping carts and can't be caught. 
If they're caught, they are frozen for 1 minute while the other teams continue. 
Shopping Shopping-Carts
When your shoot with @harolbaezstudio & @thewaltersavage ends up on ESPN. @espn

@enzocustom go get yourself a custom suit!
Business casual as usual. 👨🏼‍💼
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Someone made a mistake handing over the mic to me 😈
Coming up on five years 😐 
I can't even count to 5.
NYC Warriors - best team in the universe. ☺️
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Surround yourself with those that LIFT YOU UP!!! 🥊✨ These guys are like to let fuel 🚀🚀 Happy birthday @therealluiji and thank you so much @mbillman9 for inviting me today!!! Luigi your class was SO MUCH FUN!!!!! 🥊 This adrenaline rush was exactly what I needed!! Next time I gotta get some pics of the class I feel so POWERFUL when I box 🥊 I feel like I can overcome ANY OBSTACLE!! It makes you see yourself differently, you are there sweating with everyone around you hearing the bags get hit and the grunts and the music blasting , you realize that you’re so much stronger than you think. You can DO ANYTHING. @doyourumble #rumble #boxing #astroathens
Heeeeeeeere's Johnny!