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Fuck a 3some, I had a 17some beech. Who the fuck said neegas don’t get in the water at pool parties? Ok we only got in because it was 2ft deep lol. I miss Africa. My new single #Mutombo coming soon featuring @kidoblanko
20 yrs ago this neega sold me cd I couldn’t get jiggy with and today he finally gave me money back even tho I had no damn receipt. Thanks for great show Jacksonville, see ya tomorrow Miami.
Looks like my haters just arrived
Can’t come to Miami without checking in with my neega @trickdaddydollars
Is it TT Tuesday yet?
She has Tourettes in the titties @itsannemoore
That’s why this fenty lip gloss dealer keeps blowing up my phone, yrs ago I dm her and waited under my umbrella for 4 yrs smh. You could had been happy with a  hundrednaire but u chose the billionaire and now you have nothing near what we could have had. We could have had some big headed kids that could had been ahead in class but u chose to head in the wrong direction because you head strong. Bye RiRi
Since I’m not hosting the Grammys I decided to perform as close to it as possible. This Friday and Saturday Hollywood improv.
I hope she don’t get mad at me for this
Damn I miss home already. No Bills, no Taxes, no Family court and no racism. Let me know who wants to go back with me.
Every woman wants the big big stick
It finally snowed in Orlando last night
Wtf is wrong with these white folks?
#WhoDidThisShitToMe? I think @chinesebestfriend did this one and blaming it on someone else
Ran into every black man’s crush @thereallraye1 meet her mom, her daughter and her granddaughter
Crashing Bad Boys Premiere
The following celebrities sat in coach: Leslie Jones, Dj Khalid Amy Schumer and the neega from honey I shrunk the kids.
#TBT Who I looked like in 1997?
@michaelblacksoniglive at the 10pm philly time
I will be in San Jose California tomorrow and Saturday looking for the player hater who did this shit to me. For tickets www.Improv.com
My haters caught me today when I ran out of gas in the middle of the street, dumbest feeling in the world lol.
December catch me this weekend in San Jose, next weekend dec 13-14 Dayton Ohio, Dec 20th NYC, Dec 21st DC, Dec 28-29 Ariel Crown Chicago, Dec 30th Dallas TX
These airport employees take their job too damn serous wtf why can I just wait here till they come out?
What I did last before my mom got fed up and said you moving with your uncle and auntie in Accra
@instagram why people can’t find me when they search my name? You have to type in my full name to find me smh
How do I look haters?
Shitting on my haters with my new ride
I’ve been white 20
Minutes and I hate neegas already
Halle Berry vs Halle Watermelon @imsgrace
@moonrockclear_ by @drzodiak_ brings out all the dimes. Name this movie
I’ll be in the following cities searching for the beechneegas that did this shit to me. Tonight Irvine California at the Improv. Nov 2nd Washington DC at the Constitution Hall. Nov 9th Houston at Arena Theater. Nov 22-23 St Louis at Helium. Nov 29-30th Kansas City at the Improv. Dec 6-7th San Jose at the Improv. Dec 12-13 Dayton Ohio at Funny Bone. Dec 28-29 Chicago Ariel Crown. Dec 30th Dallas Verizon Theater.
Let’s make this number 1 movie in  America this weekend. @blackandbluemovie directed by @deontaylor
@chrisbrownofficial and @yellabeezy214
Who’s your team? Let’s go @philadelphiaeagles @eaglescheerleaders @nelsonagholor @sack_55 @zachertz @fcoxx_91
I know I’ve slept with asian, Latin and a couple of snow bunnies but this Chinese neeega purposely came to America to bang my Nubian queens. Find out what @dr_blackson had to say 8pm Philly time on @thezeusnetwork
This Chinese neega wanted me to write him a prescription to make his deek bigger. @Dr_Blackson on @thezeusnetwork playing right now.
@hapawards @tiffmwhite @being_khanyi
3 months ago we were on a flight together talking about shooting the last Friday movie this winter and now you are gone. Very sad day in the world of comedy and you will forever be the funniest pop of all time. Rest In Peace