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Don’t lose touch with yourself.
you have to get yourself out of bad places. you need to resist the temptation to let everything slip and become apathetic & cynical toward yourself and your life. you need to accept that it takes time to change and it’s ok to fall over as long as u get back up. every morning is a new start and things don’t have to be this way forever. you can heal and you can change.
On Dia de Los Muertos we celebrate death through celebrating live. Today I’ll honor all my beloved ones who passed away. I visited their graves and laid down some flowers. Everyone got another flower that reflects their personality. My grandma got some sunflowers. Its a day of smiles and gestures that say yes to life!  #blumendelosmuertos #ad @tollwasblumenmachen.de
But time isn’t the only thing that heals wounds. Traveling heals wounds. Creativity heals wounds. Intentional acts of kindness heals wounds. You need to find what’s best for the restoration of your well-being, and it takes a lot of self-love to rediscover your way back to the light - Juansen Dizon
Girls, I know you will love these pants 🍂super cozy check pants from the new @mavi.europe wintercollection #MoveInMavi #mavi #ad
Be good. Be bad. Just be.
Everything heals. Your heart heals. Your mind heals. Wounds will heal. You may be sad right now, but your happiness will always come back. Bad times don’t last.
I miss the ocean
I think the best partner you can have is someone who makes you want to be the best form of yourself • cozy sweater from @kaiser_mode #ad
is there anything on earth more anxiety inducing than being given unclear instructions and then put under time pressure?
No rain, no flowers - If there would be no pain, we couldn’t appreciate happiness. Without death, we wouldn’t have the urge to live life to the fullest, every single minute. 
On Dia de los Muertos I celebrate death, as much I’m celebrating life. My grandma passed away 41 Years ago. I never met her, but she was always a big part of my life. Every Dia de Los Muertos I visited her grave with my grandpa and brought her flowers. I’m honouring her today with a flower crown. 
@tollwasblumenmachen.de #blumendelosmuertos #ad
I have two moods:
1. constant panic and worrying about every little detail
2. Yolo
it was when I stopped searching for home within others and lifted the foundations of home within myself I found there were no roots more intimate than those between a mind and body that have decided to be whole - rupi kaur
Perhaps too much of everything is as bad as too little.
only pure feelings will survive