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introducing ... sparkles ☆゚.*・。゚co parenting this strange and beautiful creature with @haddad_v and it is such a joyful journey to embark on.  thank you sparkles for showing me a new part of my heart <3 i am so excited to give you the best life and for you to teach us all yr secrets ✨✨✨
sunset hikes in west la (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥ i love calling this place home
something very special, something that means a lot to me coming soon ~ 👁s open
and for one last long breath ~ a short film for the song “M” off Emily Alone by the brilliant @haddad_v and @adamgundersheimer AKA @slopehouse. this may very well be the most sacred piece of art i’ve released into the world. a intensely personal film to make and collaborate on which features an extended version of the song that soundtracks it as well as a new short instrumental piece at the start. about 10 years ago i recorded my mom singing a cappella because she was getting certified as a music therapist and turning in a recording was part of the final requirements.  i unearthed these recordings from a hard drive recently and they remain the very few archived recordings that i have to hear my mom’s voice.  i sampled part of her singing and included it in this extended version only for the film. this is about a journey through grief, turning the loss into light and back to dark again, letting go of alone but not forgetting the road which you had to take. tomorrow this album is fully released into the world and part of that for me means moving on from it, giving it to you with so much warmth and love and i am so grateful every day for the opportunities to do that.  thank you for growing with me and listening to the quiet sounds i drip out. the video, and all previously released videos as well as tour dates/tickets and album preorder links are all at florist.life ~ the video is also in the pitchfork feature that came out today which is linked in my bio. 🌌💙🌕
“M” magic silhouetted mountain search for dark and glow ~ this film brought to life by @haddad_v, @adamgundersheimer, myself, and many spirits. watch it at florist.life (that’s a website) ✨
dive into hibernating 𓆡𓆡𓆡 ~ 
this last florist tour was so amazing. unbelievable warmth and support and emotional empathy from everyone who came out to our shows.  eternally grateful for this opportunity and life ~ 
i (and florist) have so many (too many) new ideas and projects and future offerings of love and feeling.  i’m very excited to return home after a long summer of traveling and performing and working on various projects. re calibration comes in the form of rekindling my relationship with the ocean, lots of home cooked meals, hiking in the canyon, friends and new musical experiments. love4ever
found u ☁️ who is excited for the new animal crossing game that comes out next year? ✨✨
some memories from the day i got new shoes in nyc 🧴🚿
duo ✰ ✰
blue in the shadows shadow bloom
☾ ‿ ☾