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‘cuz whoever decided that macaroni and mayonnaise sitting out in the sun at a picnic was a cool and delish idea was a total friggin’ bozo, I present you Jammy Pepper Pasta Salad, featuring zero percent hot mayo and 100p other delicious things. recipe link in bioooo!
@alex_delany caught me cheating on cae sal with crab sal, ja feel?? 😬 get it trending doods.
that @empschultz took a good one, but admit you only like this photo for the blue corn torts (fam-style fish tacos linked in the b)
Grilled 🦐🦐🦐, peel ‘n eat style, showered in Old Bay, swimming in aioli and served with charred lemons cuz you’re 100p worth it and nothing screams summer more than this. Recipe up top!!!
feeling UTTERLY DISTRESSED by the fact that it’s basically wintertime so from here on out I’m only eating grilled things, cooked outdoors. Exhibit A: Grilled P-Sal with Chiles and Basil. Get on my lev and hit the EL in the BEE!
pls join me in a moment of silence to honor these truly majestic shmaltzy p’s. not shown: the obnoxiously tender chicken that roasted slowly on top of them. what have we done to deserve this??? recipe for the whole shebang up top!
If you’ve never had the nasi lemak from @kopitiamnyc I am very sorry for your loss, but the extremely good news is that you can try this and allllll of the very delicious dishes from the very best new restaurants in America on Oct 19!at the BA Hot 10 Party, AKA the greatest night of the year. So come hang! We’ll all be there! Tix up top!
Maybe this is all just a dream but if that’s the case don’t ever wake me up. Cookbook shoot 1: wrapped! Excuse me while I go cry myself to sleep with happiness. 🙏🏼 @pedenmunk @elle_jaime @aafoodstylist recipe coming in...540 days LOL.
Look, Ma, I’m on the cover of Bon Appetit Magazine! BIGGGG day at BA, as we launch Season 2 of Making Perfect which follows the Test Kitchen Fam on a journey towards Thanksgiving perfection. All the recipes can be found in this beast of an issue on newsstands today. We shot 8 different covers featuring all the BA homies so collect them all! Link in the bio to watch episode one NOW!
teeny tiny toonz was featured by her fave brand @wildone and as a new parent I have to say, I could not be more proud. hit dat link to hear all about our relaysh and my dream to own a dozen weens🌭! 📷: @sam.liebeskind
just wrapped shoot 2/3 for my (still unnamed) cookbook and honestly I’m pretty speechless right now. Here’s a teeny tiny noodz leak—I can’t tell you what it is and the wait is kind of killing me but Spring 2021 WATCH THE EFF OUT!!! (And hit me with your best title)
never met a chicken soup I didn’t like! except for the kind with the super tough, overcooked breast meat and mushy vegetables. but this is not that. it’s my whole chicken nudey soup (with ditialini and dill!) and it’s over on @basically RIGHT NOW. link up ☝🏼