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Eighteen of the top female taiko drummers from around the globe have come together in St. Paul to create, perform and share their love of the traditional Japanese drum. And to make history. 'HERbeat' at the Ordway brings together top female drummers from around the world this Saturday. Video by by Evan Frost @efrostee | MPR News. Read the full story here: #drums #womendrummers #herbeat #taiko @the_ordway
When we talk about affordable housing, we usually talk about whether someone has a place to live or not. But buried in that discussion is another facet of the housing shortage: whether someone’s rent is just a few dollars away from becoming unaffordable. #housing #affordablehousing #housingshortage #homeowner #renting #renter #economy #minnesota #explainer #mprphotos
Former Vice President Joe Biden wins Minnesota’s presidential primary over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Read more at
Every spring, an icy ritual plays out in the Duluth harbor: Coast Guard cutters break open paths through the lake ice, clearing the way for thousand-foot freighters to carry their first cargo of iron ore, coal and grain. Here's a look at how it went last year. Check out more info and photos here: #ice #lakesuperior #bigship #ships #freighter #Duluth #coastguard #winter #spring #harbor
Many assume low-wage workers are teenagers, but data show that most are adults in their prime working years, and many support families on those wages. In recent years, economists say it’s also become increasingly challenging for low-wage workers to change careers or move up the ladder. Sandra Lopez, 34, started at McDonald’s about a decade ago after coming to the United States from Mexico. She worked her way up from the federal minimum wage to $12.50 an hour, or about $26,000 a year. But she’s spending more than 60 percent of her take-home pay on rent and has to stretch every month to pay her bills and meet her kids’ needs. “A lot of people say, ‘Well, they’re just at McDonald’s making hamburgers, they don’t deserve more money,’” Lopez said. “They don’t see how hard we work, how much we are producing, how much profit we are making for the bosses and for the company. We deserve to live with a fair wage.” Read the full story at Do you make $15 an hour or less? We want to hear your story, tell us at Photos by Christine T. Nguyen | MPR News #minimumwage #employment #jobs #economy #inequality #lowwage #workers #minnesota #working #career #mprphotos
See ya, snow! We are in for some high temps this weekend. But where does all that water go when the snow starts to melt? That's the question Minnesota forecasters try to answer every year. Here's what they look at. #water #flooding #flood #puddles #science #minnesota #springflooding #spring #weather
Seeing red? Thousands of St. Paul union teachers and other professional school staff headed for picket lines Tuesday morning instead of classrooms. The St. Paul Federation of Educators and their 3,600 members went on strike after late-night talks with the city school district failed to produce a contract agreement. Talks fell apart around 3 a.m. this morning. Union representatives said the district had not come close enough to satisfying their demands for more funding of mental health services for students, as well as more multilingual interpreters and special education funding. Follow our continuing coverage on Photos by Evan Frost | MPR News #mprphotos #teacherstrike
Fact: Bison eat beer (byproduct). Bison, beer, battlestar galactica. In Sleepy Eye, Minn., a bison farmer and a brewer are joining forces to make local food come full circle. About twice a week, Sleepy Eye Brewing Company's Arron Luebbert calls Craig Fischer to come pick up a few barrels of spent grain after it's been sucked of it's sugars and everything else that makes beer, beer. Fischer takes it to Sleepy Bison Acres, his farm outside of town where his bison get a delicious and nutritious treat. In return, he gives a bit of bison meat to the cafe that shares space with the brewery to be made into everything from breakfast sausage to Italian wedding soup. “The investment is all local,” he said. “It’s zero-waste, and it’s hard to overstate that. I’m just proud of that concept — that we’re ... bringing more value back to the community, which is so important in a small town,” Fischer said. Read the whole story by Hannah Yang on our website. Photos by Evan Frost @efrostee | MPR News
Most evenings after work, Charlie Johnson used to step inside Whispering Pines Assisted Living in Anoka. He knows it’s important for his father, 88-year-old Bernard Johnson, to be able to see his son every day. There’s no doubt in Charlie’s mind it helps his father better cope with chronic lung and heart issues. The facility announced Friday that as a precaution, visitors would no longer be allowed inside amid coronavirus concerns. Johnson said he understood, and began looking for his lawn chair. “He likes to talk to me and I know he misses me when I am not around and he gets worried if I’m not here. So this way, I’m here,” he said. Read the story by Nina Moini on our website. Photo by Evan Frost @efrostee | MPR News
Schools across Minnesota shut their doors this week amid the COVID-19 outbreak, and districts are scrambling to provide meals to students who depend on them. Little Falls is one of several districts using bus drivers to deliver breakfast and lunch to school-age children.
Hand sanitizer is a prized commodity in this era of COVID-19. Local distilleries around the country, from Georgia to Vermont and Oregon to Minneapolis, have started turning their spirits into sanitizer.  Vikre is still making gin, vodka, whiskey and other spirits at its distillery in Duluth's Canal Park. And now, tucked away in the back of the building, past the quiet cocktail room and copper stills and fermenters, the company has set up its makeshift hand sanitizer production area. ... Read the story at 📷: Dan Kraker | MPR New ... #mprphotos #duluthmn #vikredistillery #handsanitizer #covid19
As Minnesotans get ready for another week of social distance and isolation, some of them will be sharing their homes with new, furry, family members. The Animal Humane Society began a temporary closure on Sunday morning amid the coronavirus outbreak, but was able to get many pets into their forever homes, leaving essential room for animals who will need shelter in the weeks to come. Over 300 animals were adopted last week. Read the full story by Marcheta Fornoff on our website. Photos by Evan Frost @efrostee | MPR News
🎁 Happy holidays! MPR News made you a new Alexa skill where our hosts provide you with a localized forecast that's updated multiple times a day. And when the weather is the news, we'll include an update straight from the MPR weather team! Enable the new skill here: Or search MPR Weather on Amazon. #weather #mprnews #forecast #outdoors #update #paulhuttner #alexa #alexaskill #smartspeaker
A fire at a downtown Minneapolis shelter Christmas morning sent three people to the hospital, displaced about 250 residents and a partial demolition has been ordered for the building. The community responded with an outpouring of donations on the holiday, as more than 100 residents of Francis Drake Hotel took refuge at Bethlehem Baptist Church.
The holiday season is the busiest time of year for many retailers, including the country's 2,500 independent bookstores, which, despite Amazon's growing dominance, are flourishing. The seeds for the Zenith Bookstore, which opened in Duluth 2 1/2 years ago, were sown on the streets of Manhattan.
ICYMI: Duluth closed some streets and parking lots near Lake Superior and the harbor for several hours Sunday due to flooding. East winds that gusted in excess of 60 mph on Sunday morning kicked up big waves on the lake. Seeing any wild weather in your area? Tag your photos #outsideinmn and we'll share them on our outdoors blog! Video and photos by Derek Montgomery for MPR News #weather #waves #lakesuperior #winter #water #wind #duluth #minnesota #mprphotos
It’s safe to say that Hennepin County’s newest employee was the first to be introduced to the public while in the arms of his boss. That’s how Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman showed off Barrett, a four-month-old poodle/golden retriever puppy, who will become an emotional support dog. Freeman said after six months of training, Barrett will work in courtrooms and other county offices to help calm people involved in stressful court matters — especially children. Check out the full story on Photos by Brandt Williams | MPR News. #dog #workingdog #emotionalsupportdog #emotionalsupportanimal #trauma #poodle #goldenretriever #puppy #pupper #doggo #dogs #mix #mutt
Authorities say the cause of a Christmas Day fire at the Drake Hotel in Minneapolis that displaced around 250 people remains undetermined after an investigation. Minneapolis fire investigators said Thursday that while they found the fire started in unit 244, a specific cause could not be identified. The investigation will remain open. Demolition of the building has been in progress for the past several days, with crews carefully tearing down sections in order to protect nearby buildings. The residents of the Drake were forced out because of the fire damage and many have been living in churches and a hotel, but no long-term housing solution has been identified. Read more at Video and excavator photo by Brandt Williams | MPR News. Photos of crew by Judy Griesedieck for MPR News. #drakehotel #fire #demolition #destruction #minneapolis #mprphotos
Minnesota’s Liberian community is celebrating a new federal law that opens a path for permanent residency in the U.S. Advocates say it’s a happy ending to a long, hard-fought journey. Just a year ago, many Liberians feared deportation after President Trump’s announcement in early 2018 that he was ending the Deferred Enforced Departure program, setting an expiration date for March 2019. But when that date approached, Trump renewed DED for another year, bumping the expiration date to March of this year. Trump also signaled he would sign a long-term solution to the issue if Congress came up with one. That solution came just one month ago, when U.S. Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I., managed to insert the Liberian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act into a massive defense spending bill that easily passed Congress. Trump signed the bill days later. “This has been a 20-plus-year fight where people have not known their fate,” said Abena Abraham, co-founder of the Black Immigrant Collective. “The passage of this is a relief. It assures Liberians that the U.S. is their home.” You can read the full story from @sahanjournal at MPR News is a partner with Sahan Journal and shares stories between our websites. Reporting by Joey Peters. Photos by Evan Frost (@efrostee) #celebration #minnesota #liberia #refugees #immigration #immigrants #community #mprphotos
Truth doesn’t often go viral. Instead, it’s exaggerated, false or malicious content that tends to wind up in our digital news feeds. In the coming year, a team of journalists from MPR News will be helping you sort through the disinformation you’re encountering during the election. To get started, this video has some best practices for spotting disinformation. Check out for more resources for fighting falsities! #disinformation #askmprnews #fakenews #politics #election2020 #voting #voter #usa #government #presidentialelection #minnesota #educate #fightfakenews #journalism #mprphotos
Minnesota U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar returns to the debate stage Tuesday along with the other qualifying contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination. This time, they’ll be in Des Moines, Iowa, ahead of next month’s caucuses. After Iowa comes New Hampshire, and Klobuchar has been gaining ground there with her electability argument. It's an argument Al Cantor of Concord, N.H., agrees with. Cantor said he’s backing Klobuchar because he thinks she has the best chance against President Trump in November’s general election. “I want to choose a candidate who will win and win strongly and convincingly and, I hope, bring the Senate along,” he said. “At which point you could start arguing about Medicare for All, or Medicare for most, or whatever.” His wife is supporting Sen. Elizabeth Warren, making theirs a house of loving division. You can check out more Election 2020 coverage, including guides to all the candidates at Photos and reporting by Mark Zdechlik | MPR News. #election2020 #presidentialelection #Minnesota #election #mprphotos #politics
For many Minnesotans, winter presents a welcome break from yard work. But for some in Duluth, when the ground freezes, the work begins: on a backyard hockey rink. For generations, kids in northern Minnesota have honed their skating skills on these sheets of ice that appear seemingly overnight in empty neighborhood spaces and flat backyards. Some are almost regulation-size; others are shoehorned onto tiny city lots. They’ve been framed by scrap wood and plastic from the hardware store — and nowadays, many are built from pre-made kits that can cost thousands. Materials aside, the spirit remains the same. Have you ever made a backyard rink? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments and check out for the full story by MPR News reporter Dan Kraker, and more photos by Derek Montgomery (@photodrock) for MPR News. #hockey #iceskating #youthhockey #backyardrink #rink #icerink #diy #diyicerink #backyardicerink #youthockey #childhood #fun #tradition #duluth #minnesota #northernminnesota #sports #youthsports #mprphotos
A lot of false information is spread on social media, often by people who don’t even realize they’re doing it. Here’s how to rid your social media feed of disinformation — and make sure you aren't part of the problem. This is the latest installment from our
Absentee and in-person early voting opens Jan. 17 in Minnesota’s first presidential primary since 1992. Here's what you need to know.
Even in this age where musicians regularly collaborate across different musical genres, the relationship between hip-hop singer Dessa and the Minnesota Orchestra seems unusual. Now after a series of concerts over two-and-a-half years they are releasing a live album of their collaboration.
With girls’ high school wrestling on the rise nationally and the NCAA’s interest growing, Augsburg University and its team of mostly Minnesota wrestlers see a chance to lead in a sport they love. They expect to be formidable. “I feel like people are kind of sleeping on us a little bit just because we're a first-year program,” said Emily Shilson, who was named the top female recruit in the country this year by the wrestling site The Open Mat. “But we have a ton of hammers in here, and honestly, I expect to win a national title this year as a team.” Are you a wrestling fan? Check out the full story on Photos by Andy Kosier | MPR News. @augsburguniversity #wrestling #womenswrestling #sports #collegesports #minnesota #girlswrestling #mprphotos
Thousands of sci-fi and fantasy fans, many in costume, are gathering at the Minneapolis Convention Center during this weekend's @galaxyconminneapolis . The three-day event continues on Sunday and features celebrity appearances, panel discussions, board games, video games and collectibles. And lots of cosplayers and others in costume, all in a friendly, collegial atmosphere. More photos at 📷: Andy Kosier | MPR News .... #galaxycon #galaxyconminneapolis #cosplay #startrek #ghostbusters #comicon #groot #starwars #scififantasy
Bells rang at Cathedral of St. Paul 11 times at 11 a.m. on Nov. 11, 2019 in honor of service veterans. Churches in Minneapolis and St. Paul took part in the city-wide bell ringing event sponsored by City of Bells. The Minneapolis-based nonprofit also rang a replica of the famed Liberty Bell on the Minnesota Capitol complex grounds with the help of two former governors -- Al Quie and Jesse Ventura. Check out the full story at -- Video by Christine T. Nguyen (@xinewin) Photos by Evan Frost (@efrostee) | MPR News #veterans #VeteransDay #bells #libertybell #minnesota #military #honor #mprphotos
Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis on a cold November morning. MPR Newseditor @kruegerpix went out to catch this video in the 14 degrees temperature. 🎥: Andrew Krueger @kruegerpix | MPR News .... #mprphotos #outsideinmn #minnehahafalls #brrrr #waterfalls
More and more rental units are allowing cats and dogs, but the cost of keeping a pet in an apartment is often enough of a bite that pet owners have to think about what their apartment costs per square foot and per paw. In addition to an extra pet deposit, many properties charge a monthly pet rent. “We've looked at some places where online it says $1,000 per dog deposit, which is insane,” said Naomi Kuster who has a greyhound, Opie, and a dachshund mix, Blue. There's also the price of PooPrints -- “They have her DNA,” said Calvin Hoffman about his dog, Missy. If Hoffman fails to pick up after Missy responds to nature's call, the two of them could be in trouble. But allowing pets is still a must on many people's list when looking for a new home. “I love animals. And my kitty is like an emotional companion,” said Andrew Phillips, who lives with his cat, Perris, in the Edgerton Hi-Rise Apartments St. Paul's East Side. “I cannot even imagine living without a pet.” Do you rent with a pet? Do you think the associated charges are over the top or just right? Let us know in the comments and check out the full story on Photos by Martin Moylan | MPR News #renting #pets #dogs #cats #kitties #puppies #family #apartments #rental #money #housing #twincities #metro #minneapolis #stpaul #mprphotos #minnesota
Last December, the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology, a state board that handles licensing and salon inspections, issued a bulletin that said anyone getting paid to do freelance hair and makeup for special events would need the same license as a manager of a salon, which requires thousands of hours of training in cosmetology. Freelance makeup artists have filed a lawsuit against the Board over the new rules which have already shut down some businesses and left others paying thousands of dollars in fines. The freelancers are also trying to change state law. Read the full story at Photos by Christine T. Ngyuen (@xinewin) | MPR News #fashion #wedding #makeup #hair #freelance #beauty #business #selfemployed #smallbusiness #cosmetology #law #minnesota #mprphotos @facesectofmn
A group that helps Minnesotans sign up for health plans has found that cultural competency among its staff is a must. “A lot of people, as you know, face barriers to accessing health insurance and navigating the health care system,” said Hodan Guled, the organization’s CEO. “Briva Health was founded to kind of bridge that gap and make sure that nobody falls through the cracks in accessing the health care that they need.” Aside from English, Guled’s staff can speak Spanish, Somali, Arabic, Amharic, Oromo and Urdu. The group also offers a translation service if there aren’t staffers on site who can speak a language that someone needs. Check out for the full story. Photos by Christine T. Nguyen (@xinewin) | MPR News #healthcare #minnesota #helping #culture #language #languagebarriers #insurance #healthinsurance #mprphotos
The cisco is a fish in demand: Its meat graces Passover tables as gefilte fish, and its eggs are a delicacy in Scandinavia. Commercial fishing operations on Lake Superior’s North Shore depend on it. But there are signs that the cisco, also known as lake herring, may also be a fish in peril. As climate change makes Lake Superior’s winter ice cover — which helps cisco eggs hatch by protecting them from the elements — less reliable, researchers say Minnesota’s deep-rooted North Shore cisco fishery faces an uncertain future. Read more about how it's impacting fishing operations and the people who regularly buy the fish at Are you a lake herring fan? Have you noticed a change in price or availability for this fish? Photos by Dan Ackerman for MPR News #fish #fishing #environment #climatechange #lakesuperior #ice #warming #eggs #food #conservation #cisco #herring #mprphotos #minnesota
Bread science alert! Wheat farmers thought they had a solid crop that might turn a profit in a bleak year for agriculture. Then they hauled the crop to the elevator and found out an unexpected problem sharply reduced the value of the crop. The culprit? A quality issue called “falling numbers.” It’s affecting farmers from Minnesota to Montana — the hard red spring wheat belt of the United States — “and it's nothing that we have control over,” said Betsy Jensen, a farmer from Stephen, Minn. To assess a batch, research specialist DeLane Olsen mixes flour and water in test tubes. A machine shakes the tubes to create a gravy-like slurry, then they’re placed in a hot water bath while another machine stirs the mixture with pencil-sized steel rods.
🔊 on! The practice of shinrin-yoku, or
From now until Christmas, it's the time in these parts where diners in Norwegian sweaters crowd into church basements to partake in a holiday tradition: a dinner of reconstituted, dried codfish that's been preserved in lye, and then brought back to glistening life as lutefisk. Many say the lutefisk tradition is fading in Minnesota households. But Mindekirken, or the Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church, in south Minneapolis has been the premier destination for this Norwegian feast for decades. Each year its volunteers serve some 500 diners on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Have you tried lutefisk? How would you describe it? 📷: Christine T. Nguyen @xinewin | MPR News ... #mprphotos #lutefisk #norway #minnesotaphotographer