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big mood recently has been that hyper visibility is a disease and spectacle will burn us all out. spending time thinking of ways of how to actively divest from the  vicious cycle of fleeting flashy moments that seems to conflate relevancy with ~quality~ and or the desperation of proximity when that shit not gonna last u either. but like,  also many many thoughts of consciously participating in ways that contribute to longevity and fulfilling values , and a whole everybody eats mentality - because that too is possible . Imma let u know when I find out . In other (kind of clearer?) words - no more scarcity mentality!! there’s room for everybody . We not all doomed even though it feels like it ! Lol not the most profound photo component either just also think I didn’t let this brow moment live long enough 💋
an accompanying mood❇️
“There, There (It was Foretold)” fragments of a 4 canvas alter piece by @cluvie , hearts a float for every detail here -  Naudline’s paintings  always leaving me speechless yet so vulnerable and held☁️ - LA fam her work is up at @shulamitnazarian thru the 26  of October❗️ do not miss fr fr 🌷❣️
wires in the way - fascinated - bye LA🛸

@chroma.ny  invites you to our first climate crisis incubator - a day of programming where womxn of color exchange ideas and personal stories, propose strategies, identify challenges, and share resources and information on the climate crisis. The intention of this first incubator is to create a space where folks from our community can enter into a collaborative dialogue that is accessible but stresses urgency. The incubator is open to the public and free to attend! 💛


We are currently taking participation submissions as we build out our programming. If you have a project, research, workshop, or general idea regarding climate crisis that you would like to share during the incubator please submit  to 
have tried to be wary of sharing anything about Black death, murder, trauma, grief etc. We’re compounded time and time again with it. but the murder of Joshua brown is beyond unnerving and is shaking me to my core. I feel like yelling at the top of my lungs.  It’s like fucking clockwork and there’s no contesting the timing of this - so repulsed and beyond words but we can not let this escape our scope. I mean everything about this case has been absolutely  unnerving but this can absolutely not be the norm. White supremacy is sewn in to the fabric of the justice system and we know this. But damn if it doesn’t fucking sting every time we are reminded how far we are from seeing a change. The implications of the actions of white fragility extend so far and beyond a sensible scope but here we are. Poor and disappointing verdict  announcements that are followed by  an announcement of a murder of a key witness. How can we possibly put faith in a system that literally perpetuates a hate and retaliatory violence on Black men like Joshua who just wanted to do right by his neighbor?? who moved across town only to have his murderers find him there. There are so many levels to this hurt. Just filled with fury. Idk really what to say or do from here, but I do know the Dallas Police department should absolutely not be left to investigate this. And I truly truly pray that Joshua and Botham’s families and loved ones are covered with peace and protection.
this past year was strong / chAOTIC/growing in alll the ways ~ but birfdays are always the most precious reminder of the warmth & abundance in my life! feeling so tender and loved and seeeen🧸ultimate gratitude for all the blessings and another year on this earth tbh! alhamdulillah ❣️
prelude bringing day energy ! Daylude~ a very chill function this Saturday where we’ll also be using this time as an opportunity to help folks register to vote!! info booth & all 🤓 judgment free zone 🚫 good energy only ❣️c u at @cafe.erzulie 🖤
So honored to be lensed in my lil nest by my sis @june_canedo ❣️ as a part of her “Focus your Breath” series for @ripostemagazine 🌱 - “As you look at the images in photographer June Canedo’s latest project Focus on Your Breath your eyes track over personal artefacts in intimate spaces; your gaze is met by defiant characters that take up space and demand your attention. The photographs are the result of June’s ongoing collaborative project where she invites people to come and tell her where, when and how to shoot them. It is a series that explores the realm of participatory photography with stunning results. The spaces are personal, the objects carry meaning and each person reclaims the gaze and the power not only in the process but also in the final image. This is the start of a larger body of work which promises to be something very special.”
🎭 @papijuicebk x @julianxcamilo ❣️
IF by the grace of a shadowbanned Internet God you see this post 💆🏾‍♀️ —— happy to announce and share our official program for @chroma.ny upcoming Climate Crisis incubator ❗️ been a labor of urgent and real love with @june_canedo and @siii_siii 〰️Thankful to the folks at @culturehubnyc for the space - so stoked to have contributions, workshops and presentations by so many incredible WOC 🌱🍃🌿 We’ll be detailing our program and introducing our facilitators in the days to come but in the meantime save the date and be sure to RSVP at the link in mi bio 💛  flyer by @flesh.orchid
real shiny and stoic for @tuzatuzatuza “Heaven or Las Vegas” look book A/W 19 ✨ 
fotos by @alejandra_sabillon 💞