Laura N-Tamara // Animation
Laura N-Tamara // Animation
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Paints from Loch Moidart in the night, Kinloch on RΓΊm and sailing to Eigg in the morning. 
Based on photos I took during the @sailbritain trip last July, these served as styleframes for the watercolour animation/installation I made for
Full animations for the @sailbritain Γ— @lumen_london exhibition & symposium
I got stamina.

Dance in my bones / La danse qui nous reste.

Featuring Rosie & Death on a Skateboard.

Inspired by some moves by wonder dancer @kino.mchugh πŸ’ƒπŸ’« . 
#illustration #painting #watercolours #acrylics #colourpencils  #preproduction #deaddance #shortfilm #animation #2danimation #artistsoninstagram
Well, we're all feeling a bit fucked, so have  a drawing.

Made during #inktober 10, inspired by @huskyloops' track
Best 9 from 2019 ! With the same for 2018. I feel like a lot of the cogs put in place & things tested out in 2018 became more refined this year. 
After graduating from the RCA in 2017, I sought to do more digital work thinking it's the only thing that would get me jobs, but I will never forget @sujay.narayan pep-talking my sorry ass :
Artwork for @crisis99999' new track
Happy New Year 2020 !
Here is my HNY card, with a small hommage to french nouvelle vague icon Anna Karina, here as 'The Roller Girl' in the 1967 Serge Gainsbourg musical
Getting spacey.

#painting #colouredinks #pentel #preproduction #galaxy #portrait #animation
Guess which film I saw yesterday πŸ‘€. It's a Dad drawing with a Dad pun ? Sorry guys I'm pretty ill and this is what happens. Ready for a binge of Korean cinema !

#parasite #fanart #paparasite #punny #badpun #posca #bongjoonho
I'm quite ill and somehow only manage to draw cute silly things in colourful Poscas in that state. It's true.

#potato #dumpling #illustration #posca #hottoddy