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Happy Friday Pals! We are dreaming of the recipe shared from Ruth’s kitchen for Spicy Chinese Noodles. It sounds like the perfect easy weekend meal 🍜 πŸ’«
Wish we were back weaving through the shelves of @elliottbaybookco πŸ“– πŸ› Seattle you know how to do a killer bookstore!
Happy September Pals! This months pick is How to Stop Time by Matt Haig. β€’ This fun, fast fiction read follows the story of Tom Hazard a seemingly ordinary history teacher living in London. Tom may look to be 40 years old but he has been alive long enough to have had preformed with Shakespeare... A centuries old love haunts Tom and propels him on a search that is impossible to step away from!
Wise words from one VERY slowly aging member of the Albatross Society πŸ₯°
How to Stop Time was a written reminder to us of those moments you wish to pause that always pass too quickly πŸ€—
Readers are leaders πŸ€—
Giant tortoises might have longer lifespans than these cute birds... but in How to Stop Time those that are the slowest aging are indoctrinated into the Albatross Society!
Power quotes from How to Stop Time! The historical references woven into the story were one of our favorite aspects of this month’s read!
Loads of handwritten recommendations spotted @milkweed_books today!
November is here Pals and that means it’s time for a new read!! This months book is Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes, perfectly sweet story about new beginnings. We meet Evvie Drake as she is about to embark on a new chapter and then are along for the journey as she is forced to travel down a different path. We loved this one because of the humor, relatable emotional issues and of course a good love story!
Those laugh out loud moments in Evvie Drake πŸ’•
What we would give to teleport to Maine right now and pretend to be Evvie Drake eating a lobster roll while watching a baseball game 😍