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Yikes. Rather discomforting msgs to wake up to.. the Getty museum is just 3 miles away. These fires are horrific, hard to explain to people back home how big and savage they get here in California, and how fast the changing winds can take them in completely different directions.
Landing back in Blighty.. always a thrill to get home to our sumptuous land.
I was the one she wanted... 
@therealonj #Sandy (Such a lovely lady)
One day youre cock of the walk, the next youre a feather duster. RIP Grande, my magnificently rebellious grandmother who died 6yrs ago today but lives on in my spirit & many other spirits - and who regularly reminded me of that very wise life guidance.
Happy Halloween.
I fear my daughter may have pressed the wrong head-size button for her Halloween costume.
When I told the wife to get some handcuffs in for Halloween, this wasnt quite what I had in mind.. #BeverlyHillsCopette @celia.walden
Having a lovely family weekend. (Pic by the brilliant @davidyarrow)
South Africas first black rugby captain lifts the World Cup in a sport historically associated in his country with Apartheid & once played only by white people. Wonderful moment for Siya Kolisi, for the Springboks and for South Africa. Somewhere, Nelson Mandelaa going nuts.
First photo with my new iPhone 11 Pro Max.... yep, it has a much better camera, especially for night pics.
Good Morning (again) Britain!