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Americans are spending roughly $70 billion a year on their pets. The trade-off? If a furry pal gets famous enough on social media, you can turn a profit.
2020 is the Year of the Rat 🐀

This week, our Asian American Employee Business Resource Group celebrated the Lunar New Year with traditional cuisine, music, and dance.
This year #PNCGrowUpGreat turned 15 while our partners at @SesameStreet turned 50! 🎂  Together, we're committed to doing all we can to help our children grow smarter, stronger and kinder.
Our @PittsburghPirates partners visited Pre-K classrooms in support of #PNCGrowUpGreat. Together we’re committed to inspiring great futures!
People who are passionate about sneakers take care of a new pair as if they were a baby. With all the dollars that go into building the perfect collection, it’s okay to call yourself a sneaker parent. We won’t judge. 👟
Children from the Reading Is Fundamental program met with their #PNCGrowUpGreat mentors for a special reading and activity in celebration of #BlackHistoryMonth.
Putting your kids in their best threads for the family photo shoot makes those online purchases worth it. 🐩📸
We teamed up with @DiscoveryGreen to bring the Paloma public art exhibit to Houston, featuring over 200 aluminum
That feeling when you’re saving on gas money AND getting exercise on your commute. 🚲🌞
Happy #ReadAcrossAmerica Day! #PNCGrowUpGreat is proud to help children birth to age 5 develop a passion for learning! 📙 🐛
With customers increasingly relying on digital and phone channels to interact with the bank, we're thrilled to be expanding into New Braunfels, Texas with a new Customer Care Center.
We're proud to announce The Hub Powered by @PNCBank. Through our partnership with  @universityofdayton and @tecdayton, we will help students and local residents bring business ideas to life in the community at the newly restored @arcadedayton.
Looking to bargain shop on your true love’s Christmas List? The three French Hens are among the most affordable gifts in the 2019 PNC #ChristmasPriceIndex at only $181.50.
Thinking of buying your true love four Calling Birds this year? They will cost you $599.96, but they’re not the most expensive birds in the 2019 PNC #ChristmasPriceIndex
After a down year in 2018, the price of five Gold Rings has rebounded to $825 (+10%). Did the rest of the gifts in PNC’s #ChristmasPriceIndex see a similar jump?
It has been a productive year for the six Geese-a-Laying as their price has soared 7.7% to $420 on True Love’s shopping list in the 2019 PNC #ChristmasPriceIndex.
The Seven Swans-a-Swimming are still the most expensive gift in the PNC #ChristmasPriceIndex at $13,125, though their price stayed flat in 2019.
The federal minimum wage remains unchanged and therefore so does the price for eight Maids-a-Milking ($58) in the PNC #ChristmasPriceIndex.
Thinking of hiring a dance company for your true love? Nine Ladies Dancing will cost $7552.84 in the 2019 PNC #ChristmasPriceIndex – the same as they did in 2018.
Have you ever seen a Leaping Lord? We haven’t either. But if you hired 10 of them for your true love it would cost you $10K. #ChristmasPriceIndex
It’s just a bit more expensive to hire Pipers Piping in 2019 than a year ago. The cost for 11 musicians to entertain your true love is $2748.87 according to PNC’s #ChristmasPriceIndex.
Nothing says “true love” quite like the sound of 12 Drummers Drumming. For just $2,972.25 that gift puts the finishing touch on the 2019 PNC #ChristmasPriceIndex.
We're feeling extra thankful this morning for our employees who donated 640 toys that were distributed to local #PNCGrowUpGreat pre-k partners this holiday season 🎁
We're proud to support @pennstatethon, the largest student-run philanthropy in the world, committed to helping children and families impacted by childhood cancer. Kudos to these student leaders for spreading the word about their #THON mission! #FTK
Scooter-sharing companies are having a heyday. Starting at just 15¢ a minute, you can be the slickest thing on two wheels while saving money on public transportation.
Congratulations to Signe Fenwick, winner of the #PNCRockStar For A Day contest at @wolf_trap. Signe received VIP treatment at the Ringo Starr concert and even gained a few fans herself! We are proud to support music and the arts in our communities!
The PNC Community Mutt Strut is in Pittsburgh this morning! Together with @guardian_angels_msdogs, we help fund the training for medical service dogs for #veterans suffering from PTSD and other combat-related injuries.
Members of the @pittsburgh_symphony_orchestra welcomed those entering PNC HQ today as part of their Day of Music! We are proud to support the arts in our communities.
Scott Dixon and @chipganassiracing showed a lot of heart this season, giving it their all, every race and every lap. Thank you, @scottdixon9, for another great year of racing. #BankOnThe9
Keep your wallet in mind as you scroll: impulse buying affects nearly 100% of people sourcing style inspo on Instagram. (Unofficial stat)
We’re celebrating #NationalPierogiDay in our HQ city of Pittsburgh with the @PittsburghPirates Pierogies! Cheers to Cheese Chester, Sauerkraut Saul, Jalapeno Hannah, Pizza Penny, Bacon Burt and Oliver Onion!
Congratulations to @sikestyle, the winner of the #PNCPlazaKC mural contest, who put the finishing touches on his community art last weekend at the Cornucopia Fall Festival presented by PNC!
The PNC Community Mutt Strut is in Dayton this morning! Together with @guardian_angels_msdogs, we help fund the training for medical service dogs for #veterans suffering from PTSD and other combat-related injuries.
As a recent member of the Ceres Company Network, we have committed to sourcing 100% renewable power by 2025.
We're celebrating opening week of Claude Monet: The Truth of Nature presented by PNC at the @denverartmuseum! We're proud to support the arts and culture in our communities🎨
We've teamed up with the @ChicagoBears to install a bigger outdoor play space for infants & toddlers at Chicago Commons Nia Family Center. The area will include educational stations to help stimulate motor-skills & sensory learning. #PNCGrowUpGreat
Students joined us across three PNC locations for Disability Mentoring Day, a program designed to promote career development for students with disabilities through hands-on career exploration. #NDEAM