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Shits weirD thank you @nmemagazine <3 :—)
Are you sure live set from the dome is up on YouTube :)))
here is a picture of me standing in the corner of my room holding my sonic youth book as a warning to the critic who told me I had too many guitar changes at my show that BEWARE there are more alternate tuning to come and they r held inside this sacred book you cannoT hold me down! Mr ! Mean! Critic! your words hurt but alas! I will continue to make use of the many tunings a guitar can offer and no one will complain 😡no one! Only my guitar tech tuck
im playin @officialrandl yayyyy :——)
The first episode of beA’s church of rock n roll is up on my YouTube now :) the link is on my story highlights :——)
ty @bleachlondon <3
Premiere room open now for the sun more often video! This is my fave song off space cadet and this cute little animated music vid @chubbypumpers made makes me love it even more :,) the link to the room is on my story highlights :——)
HEY the sun more often video is out now hehehe I couldn’t wait to share it so here :,) it makes me v v happy tysm @chubbypumpers <3 link is on my story/story highlights x
Listen to my performance for @bbcradio1 Sound of Live 2020 tonight from 8pm !! <3 it was recorded live and my skirt fell down whilst I was rocking out and you’ll probably hear me stressing out towards the end
Hope you like the sun more often vid !! <3
soren directed a cute lil music vid with Amir for these lovely boys @the1975 <3 it’s out now hehehe I spray a fire extinguisher at Jacob too it’s pretty jokes also catch me n soren kissing in it lmfao
Licking tiddies @noromeworldwide
some of the dates of my headline tour are getting sold out so remember to cop some tix <3 the link to buy some is on my story highlights :3
Go get tix :,))) link on my story highlights <3
back from the last show :,)
V v v fun line up :) this will b very fun to play 😊
plAying Boston calling <3
heyY looks like I’m in America for longer after the headline tour ;) going on da road with queen @_fake_nudes_ and kings @the1975 :)) this gonna be a fun tour <33 I can’t fucking wait man..aaalSO madison square garden.
did a cute lil radio show for @nts_radio where I play my fave music n talk about it :3 the link to listen is on mi story <3 it’s goin live about now
my big head in the @evening.standard <3
Shows for the USA tour is on sale now <3 link in mi highlights
hehe die!!
Hii the dirty hit tour vid is premiering on Thursday at 5pm <3 the link to join the premier room is up on my story highlights!! It’s really cute btw
he is beauty he is grace he is Louis semlekan-FAITH
DH tour vid out tomorrow at 5pm <3333
DH tour vid out on yt :-) go watch it <3 directed by the one and only @luxuriousthomas who I miss v much 🥺
@jacobbugden gonna b rocking out on guitar with me on stage this time :—) show him some lov he is super cute hehe <33 welcome to the band Jacob 😈😈
🥺 mY band
guESS what akskdkf it’s happening, me n da gang r goin on a @siriusxm @altnation advanced placement headline tour around North America ahh. tickets on sale friday at 10am local <33
My favourite pair of shoes
cAnt wait to meet more of you guys on this headline tour ahhhhh <333 tix go out on Friday :)
iv been writing
Grrrr nye
thank you for giving me one of the best years of my life <3 you are all so special I hope you guys have a cosy New Year’s Eve 😎 go get fucked up or have a cuddle :) can’t wait to make more fucking tunes for you guys
happy birthday smelly
crying selfie + song :—-)
Omfg guys i’m playing Coachella on the Saturday ahHHHH see u there <3
guitaR sex! 20 likes nd we make out
soren harrison
peace plz
im makin an album dis year
love u guys
Merr chrimma
went on tour with my best friends. Learnt alotta shit, did alotta shit now it’s time to take a fucking deserved break bc I’m actually so ill aha fuck this lol also lots of love to the dirty hit crew and Oscar Lang and his wang gang and no Rome and the Pinoy mandem 🥺 gonna miss u guys nd thank you @_femalien and @liptonlouiis for being the best people in The world and obvs can’t forget about my boy Tommy
the best <3
gonna miss this tour sm
Heyyy doing a Maida Vale session  for @bbcintroducing :,) so tune into BBC Radio London 94.9FM Saturday night 8-10pm for a cute little Christmas song 💙💙
2 more shows left <3 Manchester tonitE !!!
last lice tapes ever tonight £5
last show :(( good to b back home tho 😌 London lets have a wild one even tho I’m like hella ill <3
I love @nmemagazine and I’m really excited to be performing for them at the @nmemagazine Awards! It’s going to be a great night, I hope you all are ready. On sale Friday
Outtakes with @shamshawan for @diymagazine <3 miss u sham
Thank u @siriusxm @altnation @altregan for adding ‘She Plays Bass’ as your Critical Cut 🖤
ready for ya liverpool
She plays bass for @bbcintroducing 🖤💚
The best guitar tech in the world thank u for dealing with all my weird tunings @lennytucktuck <3
one day sorens gonna make a film and I’m gonna make a soundtrack for it
get ur merch n b like @leanordinario
here’s a sweaty post gig selfie :/ ty Newcastle you were super sweet ily lots n lots
Been on tour for about 3 months now and it’s been pretty litty, this uk tour has been so lovely :,) hearing you guys sing my songs and seeing all of you look so happy in the crowd makes me happy. Everything is getting pretty overwhelming at the moment and I want to thank every single one you for making it so worth it <3 makes all the hard work count :,) 3 ep’s in 1 year baby! I be ejaculating that shit 😎only 3 more shows left!! And I’m back home in my lil bedroom to write more tunes for something bigger 👀can’t wait to be reunited with my favourite studio uncles @p3t3.r0b3rts0n @josephrodgers 💚💚 also ty for throwing bra’s on stage because i actually don’t have one lmfao been letting these babies free and now I have a good choice of bras to choose from
Brighton you were special <3 Southampton tonitE !!!
on tour wiv my best fwends
I love grim greenrooms
She Plays Bass at Abbey Road for @BRITs Rising Star 2020 :,) the whole vid up on my yt xx
did a thing for @vevo <3 full vid on YouTube
Rockin out wiv my chic
ty <3
‪I’m playin @anniemacpresents next March for @anniemacdj  tickets are on sale now. If you missed out on ticks for the Dome show, nows your chance‬ ;) Link in my story xx
thank u @bbcradio1 🖤🚀
@britishgq interview ty :,) link in stories
🖤love u guys
soren harrison
Tour is going well just taking a couple of selfies x
Christmas is coming
🎸 Montreal tonitE
Worked with @spotify on something very special :,) it’s coming tomorrow aHhh
I recorded a spotify singles at abbey road with my best friends :-) it includes a new version of SHe plays bass & a cover of don't you forget about me 😈 where I go sicko mode go listen on @spotify now
HI we supporting the 1975 on their uk arena tour 🥺🥺 this is gonna b so fun imagine my lil dumbass on stage at the o2 that’s weird as Fuc 🎸🧒🏻 ily @the1975 but most importanTly I GET TO WATCH THEIR SET EVERY NIGHT BRUH can’t wait to get #fuckedup
the king himself @jamieoborne
Sprayed my hair bc bored
Philadelphia tonITE
Tour’s litty but I miss my fwends and London in the autumn
we rehearsing nd are you sure is sounding pHAT
YOOO She Plays Bass has been added to the @bbcintroducing from today on @bbcradio1 YAY
I’m only posting this bc my wave looked regal af
Thanks @w1lko for adding I wish I was Stephen malkmus to UNTITLED @applemusic :)
Nyc :) @pigsandplans @chelseamusichall get ready for lil tour videos ;)
played Chicago yesterday with @clairo n @helloyello <3 on to the next state see ya there ;)
YOOO we’re selling merch on this tour :,) ty @chubbypumpers for all the cool ass art <33
top boy n chill?
Minneapolis you were a trip !
Denver tonitE
guESS whAT I’m DOING A UK Tour ahahhhhhhhhhhhh with my best fwends I cannot wait :) :) :) On sale Friday 9am BST @dirtyhit @oscar.lang @noromeworldwide
I wish I was Stephen malkmus music video out tomorrow 5pm uk time ;)
Today! 5pm!! 🚀👽☄🛰⭐️
Tickets on sale this Friday
lol I’m fuckin ded I did a genius aha
the new bitches who run summerhouse
Tickets on sale foR the best UK tour of the yeAR @dirtyhit @noromeworldwide @oscar.lang
Wrote a song about wishing I was Stephen malkmus and he ended up chilling on our bus :) what a leGEND 🥺 life is cool
me playing she plays bass on my acoustic guitar from my tour bus to kids outside after the show in Portland :) that was super cool
tUNE IN to @bbcradio1 tomorrow from 7PM, @anniemacdj will be playing Space Cadet as her hottest record :) and thE fUll EP drops at 7:30 BST eVERYWHERE man I’m so proud of this one
bts from I wish I was Stephen malkmus mv :) i miss Soren
spaCe cadet
Lmfao #forthosewhotour
miss my boys
thanks for 3 mil :) space cadet the ep gives me a boner I can’t wait to have endless boners with the music I’m gon write in da futures
we in Texas yeeehar , ty for the person who threw this hat on stage
hEY I got my first magazine cover :) love you @nmemagazine 😈 read my big piece the link is up on mi story hehehe I so happy
just me n the band
being 19 n just finishing school and now touring America is weird as fuck but we’re half way thru and it’s beeen so good and it’s a bit like pgl if u get what I mean and it makes me think back when I started this whole thing when I was a lil 17 year old who just got kicked out of skl and had no fucking clue what I was going to do wiv mi life damn n now we’re here #reflective #fuckschool #blurrypicofmerockingout #streamspacecadet