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Raj's Posts

Yue, a while back / 💄 @faithfeixu
Yue / Makeup by @faithfeixu
Actor Alicia Mason on film for @starstheagency
Applies to all creative disciplines 🤔 (This is not me by the way) 😅
Bibiana. Stylist. #35mm
Stranger portrait. I want to be a photographer that can stop random people on the street and make their portrait but I have trouble doing it. Afraid of rejection and how it may bruise the ego, I usually don’t even try. But in this instance, I was testing a camera and used that as an excuse to ask. This gentleman easily obliged. Moral of the story is, be afraid but do it anyway. Or just tell them you’re testing a camera, even if you aren’t 😅 #film
37. “You gotta play the cards you’re dealt.” This past year has been a tough one because of some unexpected things on multiple fronts (it’s really not that bad in the grand scheme of things). But it’s also been a reflective one. My mom says that in life, you just have to play the cards you’re dealt. So I’m trying not to feel sad about the hand that’s given to me (realistically tho, I’m feeling the sadness for a bit and then letting it go). And really, I’m glad that I’m even in the game getting ready to play the cards the best I can.
Faith from @stormmodels on film / 💄 @taraartistry
Chloe from @theindustryla on film / Styled by @changeofwardrobe / 💄 by @muapua
Stranger portrait. “I ain’t got no type, old men with white beards is the only thing that I like”  #film
Kylie on film
#tbt with Chloe from @theindustryla on film / 💄 @muapua
Ema from @twomanagementwomen
#tbt with Darii from @lookmodelagency / 💄 @faithfeixu
Enjoying the great outdoors #film
Sarah on film / 💄 by @elenamartinezmakeup