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Presenting at the Baftas.
But congratulations to Taika who was winning at the baftas!
My brilliant big sister Dora! Thank you soooo much to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Thank you so much to Taika !!!! And Carthew and Rachel and Fox Searchlight and Thomasin and Scarlet and Sam and Rebel and Stephen and Alfie and my brothers. It’s Incredible and Dora is so very happy. ✌️💥
I am so incredibly amazed and grateful and honoured and excited. Thank you so much  to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Congratulations Taika and Carthew for Best Picture. Congrats to everyone. And thank you FoxSearchlight for helping me miss more school! ✌️
📷 . Thanks Dad.
📸 ✌️
Taika’s film Jojo Rabbit is about love conquering hate and about children who suffer during times of war. I believe in choosing love. Help Refugees is a UK based charity who help and support refugees in Europe. I believe in supporting refugees. @chooselove #helprefugees @jojorabbitmovie @taikawaititi
@criticschoice Dear Critics Choice, thank you so much for my acting award. I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there. I had to go to school but thank you very much. I would like to also mention I had the incredible support of Archie, Thomasin, Rachel and Taika. Thank you to them too. And thank you Critics for seeing beyond my bad 🦷 🦷.
Congratulations for your nominations : Taika for your amazing 📝. Carthew (and Taika also) for best 🎥 . To Scarlet for best 🎭 and Ra for best 🎨 and Mayes for best🧵 and Tom for best ✂️. #scarlettjohansson
Thank you Matthew, Trudie and Celine (my mum too). I can’t wait! 🎥
Coming home. See you soon Gilby and Hardy. Thank you Jason for pic @jason.c.chen #jojorabbitclones #brothers
📸 ✌️