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Who ya gonna call?!!!! The Itzlers! 👻 Happy Halloween!!! Wishing you all a super fun and spooky day. Yes that’s our family car, yes my husband @jesseitzler turned it into the ghostbuster mobile. 👻😱😳#JustLoveHim #ThisOuttaBeInterestingInThecarpoolLine #TheresSomethingStrangeInTheNeighborhood #whoyagonnacall #halloween #happyhalloween #ghostbusters #5KidsUnder51 #PlusAFordTransit
You be the judge.... does the wig look better on me or jesse? And should he wear it to our financial meeting? 😳 #JustLoveHim #WiggingOut @jesseitzler
The 8 year old girl in me is flipping out! My favorite movie growing up was Grease (by far) and I am a HUGE Olivia Newton John fan. In fact, she actually sang at my wedding (that’s another story).
Anyway, when I heard her iconic leggings from the movie were up for auction and all the proceeds were going to charity, I had to bid! Well..I WON! 
These pants are not only iconic but they were the inspiration behind the @spanx faux leather leggings and will proudly hang in our office. 
That said, these pants represent way more to me than just leggings. They are a reminder that young girls everywhere with big dreams...can have their dreams come true. They represent opportunity, hard work and resiliency. And, they represent a part of the 70’ of the coolest decades ever and one of which I’m so glad I was raised. 
#GreaseIsTheWord #DreamsDoComeTrue @therealonj @gayleking @cbsthismorning @cbsnews
I’ve been asked a ton of questions since I started @Spanx, but by far the most common one is… “so, how did you DO it?” Well guess what!? For the first time in 20 years, I’m sharing with YOU (in detail!) how I took $5,000 in personal savings and built a global brand. Welcome to my @MasterClass!!! is a global platform that gives you a chance to take an online course directly from a “Master” in their respective field. Their teachers include Serena Williams (Tennis), Anna Wintour (Creativity and Leadership in Fashion), Ron Howard (Directing), Annie Leibovitz (Photography), Gordon Ramsay (Cooking), Shonda Rhimes (Writing for Television), Steve Martin (Comedy), Simone Biles (Gymnastics) and their newest teacher… me! I'm the first to teach entrepreneurship for MasterClass and I'm so honored. In my class I share things like how to find and connect with your purpose, how to develop and test the marketability of an idea, sales strategies and techniques to get your foot in the door, my personal checklist for innovation, and so much more! So, if you’re someone out there with a great idea but unsure how to pursue it, this class is for you! Or maybe you’re a small-business owner but want to take it to the next level… the class is also for you! Or maybe you’re just looking for some inspiration and motivation… this class is for you too. I had so much fun reflecting on my journey and I hope it will encourage you to make your dreams happen... no matter what they are! Here’s how it works. My course is 14 videos, all roughly 20 minutes long. An individual course is $90 and access to all the courses for 1 year is $180. It’s a cool opportunity to invest in yourself, and it also makes a cool gift to give away. Check out the link in my bio for more! See you in class! 👍#Entrepreneur #SelfMade #Spanx #Business #SelfEducation #MasterClass @serenawilliams @realronhoward @annieleibovitz @gordongram @shondarhimes @simonebiles
So many great ideas and breakthroughs have been silenced not by others, but by the ones who have them. The fear of making a mistake, sounding stupid, or standing out is real. We would rather keep them to ourselves, or not pursue them for fear they may be “wrong”. Well I’m here to tell you...go ahead and make mistakes. It’s not only where all the breakthroughs are, it’s where the best stories are waiting for you. When mistakes happen, use them to your advantage. Share them with friends, family, customers, employees. Being vulnerable is the fastest way to connect with each other. So what are you waiting for...make mistakes, live messy, be bold.... and ultimately be memorable! #MondayMotivation #Entreprenuer #Business #Life
The struggles of a working woman... In a rental car, on
#Mom. Love this woman so much! She’s an artist, and the kindest woman I have ever known. She was my date last night as we celebrated @janefonda’s foundation @the_gcapp . Jane founded it 25 years ago to help reduce teen pregnancy and empower young women in Georgia. When she started GCAPP, Georgia had the highest teen pregnancy in the country. Teen pregnancy is now down 70% in Georgia! They have helped educate and support so many young men and women. They have also offered new moms critical support and resources while also educating girls about their bodies and choices and instilling confidence in them to respect their bodies. I interviewed Jane on stage and will put the highlights in my stories. Ps. My mom and all her friends and I arrived in style... in the ghostbuster mobile of course! 👻
This is the cover of the @spanx holiday catalogue this year. I do an annual cover with my kiddos as a nod to all the mamas out there juggling it all. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This one to me says...
Happy National #EntrepreneurshipDay! ..And happy #GiveAway! I'm giving away 4 online courses that will give you access to every teacher (including me) on @MasterClass! Tag 3 friends who love to learn, have a dream, or inspires you. Or tag someone who owns a business, or wants to start a business! One of the biggest misconceptions about being an entrepreneur is that we had it all figured out before we started. WRONG! I didn't even have a business plan when I started @spanx and I definitely didn't have experience in the fashion world. I saw an opportunity to make something better and that was it. I've been figuring things out ever since. If you believe in your idea, your business and your self... you'll learn how to do things you never knew you could. That's where courage comes from. So in celebration of this day and all the entrepreneurs out there that are solving problems and making life better... thank you! And for all of you out there pursuing a life made up of the best version of yourself, kudos! Remember, an education will earn you a living, a self-education will make you a fortune. 💪⚡#Entrepreneur #Entrepreneurship #FemaleEntrepreneur #Business #Motivation #Inspiration #MasterClass #SelfEducation #giveawaycontest @masterclass
And.... behold, behind the scenes of the photoshoot with my kids for the @spanx holiday catalog cover. I like to show the behind the scenes because so often we only see the “perfect” image. Nothing is perfect, even if it appears to be. It was total chaos... there were meltdowns, fights, fake snow, fake boob pads stuck on Tepper, real tears, refusal to wear certain outfits, mommy acting like a wild animal to get everyone to look in the same direction at the same time, and a lipstick disaster. This time of year always reminds me to appreciate every moment, the good and the bad... you can't have one without the other. ❤️ #BehindTheScenes #Entrepreneur #MomLife #PhotoShoot #Chaos #Family  #Holidays #JustSmile 😁
Always love seeing this icon @janegoodallinst. There is so much to learn from her. She shows us when you are passionate about your work, you don’t feel the need to retire. She also didn’t know how it was “supposed” to be done. Proving that what you don’t know can be your greatest asset. With no collegiate training at the time she went into the field with Chimpanzees and instead of numbering them all which was standard practice taught in school, she named them. This led to discoveries of unique personalities of chimpanzees and also mobilized the public to want to help. #JaneGoodall #Icon #FollowYourPassion #Entrepreneur #TBT