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Kermit Konfusion
October 2016
Follow if you wanna carry on steaming with me daily @steamwithselfesteem This account will now resume as a place for my genius peacocking
This guy though. So many questions.
A reminder I’m still working out almost every day and you can join me on @steamwithselfesteem I now make up my own routines including this move where I gallop on and off screen. #fit #fitfam #steamedbuns
Paradise by Slow Club is being played at the #timstwitterlisteningparty at 6pm today. I’ll be tweeting along from the Slow Club account.
Solidarity with all protesting. You have my commitment to being as present and as loudly ANTI RACIST as possible. I am guilty of not knowing what to do and fearing being accused of ‘virtue signalling’ but as @glenn_kitson said, that ‘seems something sociopaths might say to shut down people with empathy’. Be vocal, get informed, donate. Link in bio to donate to Brooklyn bail funds. #ripgeorgefloyd
Link in bio
No further comment
Me trying to write a song in the last two months
A triptych 2020- RLT
Today at 12.30 it’s SELEBRITY SUNDAY. Going live on Instagram to do this 2005 classic. join me. Thanks @camillavalerie for the gift x
quite simply a shite workout with little to no effort from myself or Jordan
When I’m buried in the ground I won’t be able to make your birthday drinks but I will still feel guilty.
40 min workout! Not scientifically sound!
My beautiful bestie doing my workout in her flat make me so warm in cockles @kelliblanchett #steamwithselfesteem
The look of love. #IMISSYOU @jessicaaprilriley #SOLONELY
CUDDLES PLEASE is out out now. Link in bio.
I shall be cosplaying as GG throughout the album 2 campaign
A life changer. Happy birthday ju.
📸 @jessicaaprilriley 👕@_cfp_
📸 @jessicaaprilriley 👕 @_cfp_
Happy Birthday COMPLIMENTS PLEASE released 1 year today! 💦
The album artwork process was a journey
Album 2 though
AJ and the Queen season 2
Margate fam get yourself to this ya?
I’m gonna make an investigative podcast about every single person who bought a libertines brick
Might I die from feelings ? #album2
Inexplicably have only 3 and a half nails painted for my BBC Look North debut today
My beautiful manager and friend in Sheffield
“Man, she sure can play”
HIYA LUV @campbestival
Hey here’s a picture of me and @kirkmanneil absolutely at our peak. #sheffieldteachersoperaticsociety
@rhumphs ok
Congrats @reverend_makers on your really fit wife
18 years dicking about with these two @ryan_howes @mattskillz87
I am absolutely fine
#bangers2020 @realtheverybest
Limited edition nye t shirt anyone? #metoo #brilliant
Once again being hard hitting with my opinions in the guardian in their ‘what would you put in a time capsule of the decade’ feature. ( credit to galpoid who coined adaptress )
Ok hun
All I wanted in 2019 was a @magicmagid selfie. I didn’t get it but he just sent me this. What a babe
It were a rate year tbf
It’s love
Finally the Bowie comparison is here ! Thanks @londoninstereo
We can discuss this but I think I’m right
When you’ve been trying to find ‘the one’ but it turns out it’s this tart with a heart from Corby who makes you feel whole after all. Happy birthday @kelliblanchett . You have made my life bearable and I can’t thank you enough. ❤️💕❤️
Nice bitta font there
This talented woman is also so peng it’s actually criminal CALL HR