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@sevenbucksprod - The official Instagram account of Seven Bucks Productions, co-founded by @TheRock and @DanyGarciaCo.
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Seven Bucks Productions

Our @HobbsAndShaw world premiere was electric! Fans and press were kept on the edge of their seats with a number of surprises throughout the night. @TheRock and @JasonStatham had a firm handle on all of the action and promised to deliver much more when #HobbsAndShaw lands in theaters on August 2nd.

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Seven Bucks Productions

Get ready to welcome a worldwide entertainment event into your living room! @TheRock, @Gal_Gadot and @vancityreynolds are bringing our globe-trotting, action-thriller film #RedNotice to @Netflix. More in our bio. #RedNotice #SevenBucks @FlynnPictureCo @RawsonThurber

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Seven Bucks Productions

This December, follow our players as they try to battle their way through the jungle, desert and ice-capped mountains of #JUMANJI to beat the game and return home...for the second time. Enjoy the full trailer in our bio. @JumanjiMovie

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Seven Bucks Productions

They’re as opposite as it gets, but they have one motto in common: Never. Back. Down. This summer, @HobbsAndShaw must put their differences aside and work as a team to save the world. Are you ready for August 2nd? Enjoy the full trailer in our bio. #FastFurious

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Seven Bucks Productions

Fasten your seatbelts. @TheRock, @JasonStatham & @IdrisElba are on the cover of @EntertainmentWeekly, and they’re revved up for the biggest showdown the #FastFurious Franchise has never seen. Enjoy more of the cover story in our bio. @HobbsAndShaw in theaters August 2nd.

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Seven Bucks Productions

“He’s more than just @TheRock, he’s Our Rock.” - #MTVAwards host @ZacharyLevi spoke for audiences around the world when he presented the #GenerationAward to @TheRock, commemorating his trailblazing career in Hollywood and beyond. Congratulations, DJ! @MTV

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Seven Bucks Productions

That’s a wrap on the next installment of our @jumanjimovie, but the game is far from over. This cast of characters - and more - will resume the adventure this December. In the meantime, visit our stories for a look back on production. 📸: @HhGarcia41

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Seven Bucks Productions

Happy birthday to @TheRock! Every year you raise the bar through hard work, and more importantly, gratitude. Cheers to the journey! 🥃

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Seven Bucks Productions

Here’s to you, the ones who make it all possible. Last night @TheRock raised his glass to the “ones in the seats” around the world who we have the honor and pleasure of entertaining year after year. @TIME #TIME100

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Seven Bucks Productions

Let’s go for a ride with the NEW @HobbsAndShaw worldwide trailer. This time Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw are ready to handle business and bad guys on their home turf. Link in bio. In theaters August 2. #HobbsAndShaw

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Seven Bucks Productions

Success has no limit when hard work is matched with kindness. Congratulations to @TheRock for the #TIME100 honor. As @Gal_Gadot writes for @TIME, “Dwayne is someone who believes the sky is the limit and will go above and beyond to make sure he gives 100% every single day.” Link in bio.

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Seven Bucks Productions

Tonight, #FindingJusticeBET wraps up with a fight to keep the American home a place of safety for all. Tune in for the finale episode tonight on @BET at 8/7c.

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