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Powerful, handicam video here, directed by our friend and all-around creative force @matthewprogress. The Stone Throwers (Gone in a Blink). .
“The Stone Throwers” are another character in this Story About a War: A metaphor for powerlessness, and for the hypocrisy of the powerful. .
In line with this theme, what I hoped to capture in a visual  for this song were two things: Vulnerability and Rage. The two main feelings I associate with powerlessness. These emotions are represented here in the nakedness (vulnerability) and the screams (rage) of these brave actors. Through these visuals, I hope folks will be further immersed in these two feelings. As for the hypocrisy of the powerful, I also hope that this raw  representation of powerlessness will cause the viewer to consider their very personal response to seeing another person’s vulnerability and anger. Fight or flight? Love or fear? Repulsed or compelled to empathize? How do we respond to another person’s pain (or our own) and why? These are all questions I hope to raise with this song. .
Lately, stories in the media of poor folks throwing stones to defend themselves from state violence have brought this metaphor to life in painfully literal ways. But I still think of The Stone Throwers primarily as a metaphor for the powerless in our midst here. 
Full vid link in bio!
Wicked run through the US Midwest and packed rooms all across Western Canada 🙏🏿 Means everything that y’all still rock with me and let my music be a part of your lives. Thank you for coming thru with lots of love and energy! Next stop: Bloom Festival—Sudbury, ON. This Friday, March 8th. (📸@exclaimdotca)
Summatime!! ☀️Free show with @oddisee @elaquent and @melaniecharlesisdflower on Sunday in Toronto. Just got added to the bro @skratchbastid’s wikkid BBQ party in Calgary July 4th, and glad to finally get an east coast date in there too —with @common no less for the @hfxjazzfest. Hope to see y’all soon!! ✌🏿🔥(poster by @seanrichmang)
Big thanks to everyone who supported this album, happy to be included on the @polarismusicprize shortlist—4th time! Usually when I’m done making an album, it feels like I’ve said everything I need to say and I’m ready to move on, but the ideas in this one still pop up for me from time to time. Grateful for folks listening and feeling what I have to give right now, and congrats to everyone who contributed to making and sharing it 👊🏿🙏🏿
So glad and grateful to have been able to join in the amazing experience of #playlistretreat2019 Nearly a week of the greatest musical gathering I’ve ever been a part of. The exchange of love and wisdom between heroes and peers was non-stop (@mrkennygamble WUZ THERE!) And then there was THE MUSIC. Yeesh.. Monsters jamming and recording everywhere. Kickin freestyles with @erro44 over mans like @questlove and @robertglasper jamming grooves one day, recording a joint with @kidcapri101 on the intro the next. 🤯 ... Left feeling just a huge sense of gratitude and admiration for @djjazzyjeff and @lynettectownes for their extraordinary LEADERSHIP, GENEROSITY, and HOSPITALITY. I’m touched by how you made me feel so welcome. ❤️Big shout out to the REMARKABLE @playlistretreat team for planning and executing something so exemplary in the world of music. You made us and our culture better🙏🏿The homie @skratchbastid 🙏🏿@jperiodbk Ditto for @dembycratic @plugwondelasoul and @djmaseo for letting me moderate such a vital discussion. More photos and videos to come, sorry I’m boring!✌🏿
A few great #playlistretreat2019 memories here. Thank you @anthonydemby and @flipout for some of these photos and videos! 
1. Goin off the top like we uuuuused to do!
2. Cooked up a heater over a day and half with @philbeaudreau @djkhalil @cutso and @tiffanycalver. Danced through most of the writing and recording.
3. Needless to say I stand on the shoulders of these two @Maseo and @plugwondelasoul 
4. And this convo between two great humans summed up everything @djjazzyjeff and @mrkennygamble —-
I spy @erro44 @gwenbunn @billymercury @miagladstone @rance1500 @ztrip @flipout @jperiodbk @robertglasper  @natashadiggs @carvinhaggins @ericlaumusic in here

Many more beautiful new and old friends not pictured. 🌊❤️👋🏿
The wait soon to be over... Season 3 of Hip Hop Evolution hittin your Netflix Sept 6! 🙏🏿🙏🏿
Get ready! Sept 6. Hip Hop Evolution Season 3. 👊🏿
Highlight #1005 from the @playlistretreat was recording this live version of my brother @skratchbastid summer classic “Limoncello” ft yours truly right in the basement. One take and we outchyeah! Head to @serato for the full version 🍋🙏🏿
Proud to announce that Season 3 of @hiphopevolution is now available everywhere on @netflix! I’m still so impressed by the work of @iamdarby rodrigo bascuñan @martin.hawkes david pattendon @e_hammerrr @fashiondree @djagile @russellpeters @celinelives @bysusanaferreira @delcowie @socacola @illmani @samdunn @scottmcfadyen and many more over at @Bangerfilms. It’s an incredible honour and pleasure to get to be a part of the team that creates this document for the culture. I’m thankful to every single person that sat down with us to share their story. Hope y’all enjoy!🙏🏿
So dope that the @polarismusicprize commissions a special limited edition poster for each shortlisted album. Beautiful design here by @ansonchanson
My man @smalltownpete nominated me to post 10 albums that influenced me, without explanation. I’m SO tempted to write a book about each of these (and also to post a list of at least 20 honourable mentions) but I’ll stop for now and nominate @djtlomusic to post 10. 🙏🏿