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Dehydration station. @nicola.parle and the boys managed to pick these cep/porcini in just an hour yesterday. It’s mushroom time right now (everyone! Head to the woods!) hope it lasts, some years we find none and sometimes we end up leaving so many in the forest. Busy time at heather cottage now. Clearing the garden, planting bulbs, drying mushrooms, pickling veg, getting ready for winter. I read somewhere there’s a hard winter coming (and not just politically 📉❄️) Good thing I like to be busy as also opening a new pastaio in a few weeks too 😬 🍝 ❄️ 🔥 🍂 Maybe I should buy a proper dehydrator? Or at least some proper racks these oven shelves don’t work very well.
This is how the professional florists do it isn’t it? 🥴
Now this is what I call marketing @pastaiolondon
Put this back on the menu please @_alex_jackson Pears, plums, brandy creams and a thousand layers.
Choosing truffles with @meeracortesi 🐖 🐖 🐖 Thinking of doing a day of cost price truffles at pastaio ganton. Would y’all come? Worry is that we would buy them then no one would by them from us! 💸
puppy love 💕 @nicola.parle
Look at this. It’s just perfect. This is what bacon should look like. Dry, glossy, fatty, delicious. You can tell it’s from a great pig. Nothing fancy, nothing pricey, just proper bacon from @thegoodsshed_ @thegoodsshedbut
Spent the day cooking this with @_alex_jackson at Hoping it’ll be a smashing dinner. There’s a late table you can grab I think if anyone is feeling extravagant.
I think I have some sort of personality disorder what has happened to me
🐷 🥚 🥗
We are OPEN @markethallwestend (in the old BHS) go for your pasta fix if you’re near Oxford St.
Table or two still left for the second night of @palatinolondon truffle dinners next week. It’s a real treat. Truffles are basically at cost price and it’s an amazing experience. The whole room really going for it. Come on. You’re worth it.