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@levisskateboarding Milan part 2 goinggg featuring @val_bauer @_alecesario_ @falafev filmed by @elliotbonnabel 💛🇮🇹
Thanks for the memory @philzwijsen 👊
#Helsinki 2013 🇫🇮💛
Thank you too everyone for the birthday wishes love you all!!! I can’t believe you had this footage the whole time @madarsapse thought this footage would never see the light of day! Landing this was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had skating didn’t think it would work but everyone hyped it up so much had to make it happen 😂💛💯 #dirtythirty #HelsinkiHookup 🇫🇮💛
Congrats Smooookes!!!! @miltonmartinez #SOTY2019 @thrashermag 💯💛💯
@levisskateboarding @abriefglance 📸 @davide_biondani 👊🇮🇹
Helsinki 2019 🎥 by my Mann @blacksneeze 👊🇫🇮💛 #mellowdrop 🤢
Thank you @justushirvi / @hangupmagazine 🇫🇮👊💛💯 Hyvää Joulua ja uutta vuot kaikkille siel 🍾
T guns a year ago in Hawaii 🔫 💪 #DieTrying
Bosses of all bosses 🗣🗣🗣
T Sur an da krems #governing
See you at Stabbies 🤢 #shockuspark