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Lots of people have been asking where do they get my t shirt from link is in my story’s !! And go to my shop copy paste this or just go and onto my shop . #alexbox #makeupisdeadlonglivemakeup #makeup#makeupartist #beautycounter
Polaroid ! Eye liner shot from early 2000’s on my lovely freind @meihuiliu8 thanks for send this dear I remember doing it !!! Very clearly #alexbox #makeup #art #linework #makeupartist
Just come to light , dug from a archive ..Here are 2 un retouched alternative Angle’s of the black and white face from my Alex Box book by Rankin releases 10! Years ago . So ace to see  half Black’s and half white motif  features  very heavily for me and I have no idea why , I think maybe it started with my love hate relationship with Pierrot dolls . #alexbox #art #artist #makeupartist #blackandwhite
Hmmmmmm cut my hair and dye my hair ...... maybe not ! But dun playing #alexbox #wig #haircolour
Back in 2011 I made a series of images shot with the incredible @karinberndlphoto that were form my mind and heart inspired by fairy tales and exaggerated ideas of cute features and candy kingdoms Alice in wonderland through a toxic veil . I never realised that these looks would go onto inspire a whole generation  of Instagram makeup artist . Every day I get dm messages from people saying these characters turned them into makeup as a form of art and self expression . The freckles and button nose and mouth shading and massive lashes pixie look is what I see every day on insta  now . It’s crazy and amazing that in that time from 2011 to now that these that then were seen as fantasy are now a lot of young people’s day to day look ! . I know wot of that generation might not even know off these images or what I have done or do but it does make me smile when I see these looks popping up I feel some how warm inside knowing maybe that’s what legacy is .. seeing your art live in others .  I don’t want to sound like an ass hole big head just see when some of origination has grown from and that makes me smile .
#alexbox #art #makeup#makeupartist #beauty
Bows at 47 too much ? Fuck it ....what’s too much .
#alexbox #bow #artist
This shoot I’ve just seen after years shot in 2011 for Vogue with @emmasummerton pre dates the internet and Instagram but feels so like a look through myInstagram now . I was creating beauty look that I felt were a exaggerated makeup feel glamour but a little off , again it’s so incredible  for me to see that in that time how normalised these images look . Great shoot great day did them all in one day Heavily pregnant . Hair by @samanthahillerbystudio #alexbox #art #makeup #makeupartist #beauty
More vintage Vogue with  @emmasummerton with the insanely rich sumptuous dripping set by the wonderful friend and genius @simon_costin  beautiful hair by @sammcknight1 gorgeous styling by @edward_enninful and the beautiful Chameleon @sasha_pivovarova .. and heady bohemian den rich with musky oils and deep eccentric poetry .. so gorgeous I wanted to live in this set, it’s so great to see this vintage work and see where all my shadowing and painting started to evolve  into facets of my signature styles . #alexbox #art #makeup #makeupartist
2020 A new decade ! , and what better way to start the roaring 20’s than with a very sneaky glimpse into a very special collaboration with the brilliant  actress  @maisie_williams . I directed and  visually transformed Maisie  into many incarnations with the most incredible talented ,kind and hard working team for the cover story for @kingkongmagazine out in March . All given life and incredible power by the soul and feeling Maisie brought to each one of the characters . The series of beautiful portraits are shot by the incredible @marieschuller styled by the exciting fantastic  talent @jack____appleyard (check out the brilliant and very appropriate save the NHS dress jack and @h__smart made ) and hair by the truly brilliant creative  hair master @angeloseminara_hair , such a great team with there assistants and mine @elle_mcmahon_  we all pulled together to create one of the most special shoots . So excited to share with you this little back stage glimpse and look forward to sharing the full series with you all into this new year !!’ Happy New Year let it be a creative extravaganza!! X #alexbox #maisiewilliams #art #makeupartist #makeup
We are moving into a new era not only a new decade but a new hunger for the original and the source of a idea , creativity at its true form . People are so sick and over saturated with the same same same thing over and over again . Blame the Algorithms blame the platforms blame the fact that the same always sells but really it’s down to the fact that the safety in numbers ideology has always been exactly that -safe and safe eventually Becomes boring ,And the Internet ,being the Internet ,the minute there is an original idea that isn’t boring what happens -it gets passed around and used and reappropriated until it becomes within days are boring pastiche of itself.  What I truly believe people need is a deeper creative  experience  a more interesting and  engaging connection with an original idea and a the originators of that idea and understanding . A discourse and platform to engage and be and inspired not to copy but to lead them to there own originals . The speed and the scrolling left or swiping up has reduced rich understanding and exploration . The rise of the influencer and the tendency for them to repeat the same thing over and over is a product of that speed and that platform  Format . People have grown fatigued of that and are growing up and asking more complex questions they  want knowledge and to know where the original ideas have come from . Step forward The Originator , where did something begin? Why is it how is it ,Who are the people who inspired The inspirers and what can they teach you . A time for deeper engagement and creative growth ... being guided to your own potential through inspiration and passion. I feel so strongly about this ... watch this space . #alexbox #originator #art #makeupartist #makeup
Something that my assistants know and people that I work with ,but not many other people know is that I nearly always do my looks over the top of each other . I often do a lot of looks in short period of time and started to do looks over the top of each other for time . Then as I developed this I saw the texture Element grow and grow .Beautiful tones and hues and opacities started to develop  that were unexpected. It took a lot of time and craft to work out what can work over and over each other with out being muddy and grey and peel off. It’s still all work in progress and I’m always learning but it has become quite a integral part of my art work , depth of layers and emotional feeling .  This series is in order for Post 2012. Shot Beautifully by @milesaldridge and wonderful hair by the master @kerrywarnofficial #alexbox #art #portrait #makeup #makeupartist
Just found this little behind the scenes clip of @qizhen_gao  for @kingkongmagazine . There was so much to do that short day as we had 15 models and I was styling and directing also. I hate not having time to perfect and did this line work in 30 minutes . When ever I look back at work I always think I could have done this I could have done thatdifferent  what is great is when you have no time you just have to ‘Do’ and i actually think subconsciously I create no time so my subconscious and not my conscious is engaged . I think that’s why I quite fast as I just trust the moment , and yes I do look back and think if only I had done this or that but that’s what is great about a body of work you make more and let each piece of work be blue prints for another ... work in progress . Shot by @brittlloyd_ set @lydiaaachan clothes @philipdelamore hair @stefanomazzoleni_hair 
#alexbox #art #potrait #makeupartist #makeup