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Remember remember the fifth of November.....
An oldy but a goodie. Our plant collection has grown so much since this photo was taken last year. Some have grown huge amounts and a few decided to go to plant heaven. Oops. I can safely say I'm obsessed with house plants. I'd have them everywhere if I could but it's probably a good thing that Jack keeps me in check. Which house plant is your favourite?
Really enjoyed this very chilled photoshoot the other day with the very talented @fullalove. The article 'A day in the life of The Allotment Florist' can be found in this month's issue of @courierlondon
My little stove and kettle is a bit of a lifeline in this freezing weather. There's nothing better than a boiling hot cuppa when you've been planting a million bulbs and your hands are frozen. Thank God for garden sheds. Photo taken by @fullalove
Huge autumnal urns from Xa's wedding @trinitybuoywharf a few weeks ago.
Now that's one beautiful boot.
Such a beautiful light on the plot this evening. That's something I really love about having an allotment. It forces you to be outside when you'd rather be by the fire with a cuppa. These still, chilly, beautiful sunsets are somehow extra special at this time of year.
A big bunch of cosmos from the plot going out today to a lucky someone.
The wedding we did at Kew on Friday was one of my favourites so far. I loved working with the tropical leaves and flowers and doing something a bit different. Plus this style goes with Kew so well. This was also the most intimate wedding I've ever done. Only 12 people! I can't wait to get the professional photos back.
One of the large autumnal arrangements that went out last weekend for wedding number two. It's always good to have a little arm workout with your bunches 💪
There isn't much left looking glorious on the plot but you can always count on nasturtiums at this time of year. Plus they make a tasty snack if you need a nibble in between gardening.
Georgie's tropical bridal bouquet from last weekend's wedding at Kew.
Seasonal bouquets going out yesterday all picked from the plot and grown right here in London.
Sweet little autumnal buttonholes going out for last weekend's wedding.
Autumnal table arrangements from a few weeks ago. All harvested from the plot and grown in north London #nofloralfoam
We have some exciting news to tell you.
Seasonal bridal bouquet made with home grown flowers from the plot. Is there anything better!?