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I've been dreaming of summer at this rather odd and scary time. One thing that's helping me stay positive is having flowers around. I know this is hard if you don't want to go out or you're having to self isolate but try and get something green in the house to cheer you up. Even if it's just a few lovely bits of foliage from the garden and a few delicious herbs. It's amazing what a little bunch can do. Stay safe lovely people.
There's still time for you to order your Mother's Day bouquet for that special lady in your life. If you're worried about me delivering them I can always leave them on the doorstep and do an old school knock and run ๐Ÿ˜Š To order hit the link in my profile or DM me. Delivery in & around LEEDS.
Had such a lovely day making people smile as I delivered Mother's Day bouquets. I think they meant even more this year as mum's weren't able to see their loved ones. Plus it was fun doing some old school knock & runs ๐Ÿ˜‹ I also had my favourite helper with me which made all the difference.
Today's seasonal hand tied bouquet made in my first live tutorial! It was scary but I'm so glad I did it and I'll be back every day at 3pm until I've run out of ideas. Thank you so much to everyone who tuned in. I hope it brightened up your afternoon.
This has got to be the most beautiful blossom tree I've ever seen. It's just round the corner from my mums and I've been taking daily trips just to stand under it. It's just so beautiful! It's also full to the brim with bees which is incredible ๐ŸI hope you all have found something to make you smile today.
Spring bunches picked fresh from the garden out for delivery on Saturday to my lovely friend @vicky.marie_25
Playing around with bottles and jars for yesterday's live. These little lives are really keeping me going at the moment. That tiny little bit of structure is helping me not to feel totally lost each day. Thank you to anyone who's watching and I hope you're feeling inspired. Join me today at 3pm for the next installment!
Hello lovely people. I hope you've been enjoying my little lives over the past couple of weeks. You all seemed to really enjoy my houseplant one more than I thought you would. I just wanted to say thank you for tuning in and taking your time to watch. Hopefully it has inspired some of you to get out in the garden and create something beautiful.
A little burst of spring from one of last weeks lives. I hope you're all having a lovely weekend and managing to relax in the sunshine. Let's hope for some more sunshine next week ๐Ÿคž
Charlotte's bridemsaids bouquets heading out to her on Saturday morning.
Metres and metres of meadows from Saturdays wedding.
Hair flowers & buttonholes all ready to go.
Is there anything better than spring flowers? I'm not sure there is!
Anemones & ranunculus don't get much better at this time of year. Each and every one is just so beautiful. ๐Ÿ“ธ By the oh so talented @seydakarimpour
Exciting Announcement! We have opened a new studio in Yorkshire and are now taking wedding bookings for 2020/21. Get in touch via DM or email to book a free consultation.
I have always loved the simplicity of this shot. ๐Ÿ“ธ @kristy_noble & Styled by @hanbullivant
Can't get enough of these beautiful poppies at the moment. ๐Ÿ“ธ @seydakarimpour
A bowl full of spring.
Happy Sunday folks. Hope it's a good one. ๐Ÿ“ธ @seydakarimpour
This was one of the first photos of me on the plot back in 2017 when everything was beginning and my hair was long! It feels like a lifetime ago but also only a second. Looking back at photos like these make me excited for the future and what is yet to come. ๐Ÿ“ธ @alicethecamera
Mother's Day is on the 22nd March. Show that special woman in your life how much you care with a seasonal bespoke hand-picked bouquet. We will be delivering all over Leeds. Bouquets start at ยฃ40 Inc delivery. Please DM me or hit the link in my profile to order.
Now taking bookings in Yorkshire & around for 2020!!
Looking back over all the wonderful weddings we did last summer. There's so many photos I still need to share! Shot by @ashpowellphoto
Missing my plot brimming with flowers today. Can't wait for this season and what it will bring! Photo by @fullalove
I can't wait to get going on this year's weddings. We still have some dates available for 2020. Please get in touch if you would like us to create something special for you.
Playing with flowers. Beautiful shot by the very talented @seydakarimpour
Looking back over the last year I have definitely been using more pampas grass as brides often fall in love. I love its simplicity and the softness it gives to any arrangement. Also, did you know that if someone has it growing in their front garden it's meant to indicate that they are a swinger! Tee hee.
I've been super quiet on here recently as there's just so much going on! We make the big move north in 3 weeks so it's all go. We were up there last weekend in Blanchland with my dad at the incredible @lord_crewe_arms It was so beautiful and quiet. This is from Sunday morning when we got up early to walk the dogs and watch the sunrise. Perfection.
It's hard to believe the plot was looking this full and healthy only five months ago! In these dark January days when it feels as though nothing will ever grow again its so comforting to look back at the garden in full bloom and remind yourself of what you achieved. I can't wait for the next growing season! Bring on Spring.
Green and whites going out today for a lucky someone.
I've always been pretty obsessed with lichen. There's always loads of it around Blanchland in Northumberland where we were last weekend. I love hunting for it in the woods and finding such beautiful pieces.
Nice little feature in @britishgq today. Beautiful shot taken by @kristy_noble Read the full article here
I can't wait for more walks in the woods. We move to Yorkshire in less than two weeks! ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
Remember remember the fifth of November.....
An oldy but a goodie. Our plant collection has grown so much since this photo was taken last year. Some have grown huge amounts and a few decided to go to plant heaven. Oops. I can safely say I'm obsessed with house plants. I'd have them everywhere if I could but it's probably a good thing that Jack keeps me in check. Which house plant is your favourite?
Really enjoyed this very chilled photoshoot the other day with the very talented @fullalove. The article 'A day in the life of The Allotment Florist' can be found in this month's issue of @courierlondon
My little stove and kettle is a bit of a lifeline in this freezing weather. There's nothing better than a boiling hot cuppa when you've been planting a million bulbs and your hands are frozen. Thank God for garden sheds. Photo taken by @fullalove
Huge autumnal urns from Xa's wedding @trinitybuoywharf a few weeks ago.
Now that's one beautiful boot.
Such a beautiful light on the plot this evening. That's something I really love about having an allotment. It forces you to be outside when you'd rather be by the fire with a cuppa. These still, chilly, beautiful sunsets are somehow extra special at this time of year.
A big bunch of cosmos from the plot going out today to a lucky someone.
The wedding we did at Kew on Friday was one of my favourites so far. I loved working with the tropical leaves and flowers and doing something a bit different. Plus this style goes with Kew so well. This was also the most intimate wedding I've ever done. Only 12 people! I can't wait to get the professional photos back.
One of the large autumnal arrangements that went out last weekend for wedding number two. It's always good to have a little arm workout with your bunches ๐Ÿ’ช
There isn't much left looking glorious on the plot but you can always count on nasturtiums at this time of year. Plus they make a tasty snack if you need a nibble in between gardening.
Georgie's tropical bridal bouquet from last weekend's wedding at Kew.
Seasonal bouquets going out yesterday all picked from the plot and grown right here in London.
Sweet little autumnal buttonholes going out for last weekend's wedding.
Autumnal table arrangements from a few weeks ago. All harvested from the plot and grown in north London #nofloralfoam
We have some exciting news to tell you.
Seasonal bridal bouquet made with home grown flowers from the plot. Is there anything better!?