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Beware the Electoral Colllleggge 👻 👻 👻
“What this president has basically done is say ‘I don’t care about [the war in Ukraine], I just want some dirt, and I don’t care if you make it up. In order to get military aid, you gotta give me something on Joe Biden and his son.’” - Hillary Clinton

Full interview in bio.
If Trump is still in office next week, he’ll get to meet Conan, the Hero Dog.
Don in 60 Seconds: A Recap of Trump's Week
Here’s what Kanye’s missing about why black voters tend to vote Democrat. #BetweenTheScenes
Obama called out “woke” culture and for a brief moment we remembered what it was like when American presidents spoke English.
How are Nationals fans celebrating their World Series win? Like this:
An underwear thief led U.S. troops to ISIS leader al-Baghdadi.
Everything is stupid, especially Halloween. Full piece at
Ten years ago, Barack and Michelle Obama went on a date in New York, the worst scandal in presidential history.
Trevor’s favorite accent depends on the day. #BetweenTheScenes
Trevor challenges Sean Spicer to a dance-off.

Your move @seanmspicer