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it is your birthday.
Social media is tricky cause you only want to post the best moments. It’s a highlight reel of the highs. There’s more that goes on behind the scenes and difficult situations that can change lives forever. A few months ago my girlfriend was tasked with one of these scenarios. It’s important to show the ones we love with support, kindness, and affection cause life is precious. Give thanks. Offer help. Share love. To @annelisejr, you are a champion. I’m so proud of how strong you’ve been throughout this whole process of your leg, keep being you. Thank you @bioteneus for helping us spread this message #whywecare #ad
Ugh it’s joe and Grandpa Joe
Last year at the Streamy awards I wore a suit & tie and looked like one of the waiters.
It is your birthday.
If this doesn’t get me the blue check mark then nothing will..
All this toothpaste and I still have cavities
Left or right?
This has been my favorite year out of my 23 years of existence on this planet. Happy birthday jesus
I regret nothing
HEY YOU get out to the bar! Live in the moment and see if you and your friends can find the new Offline Can by @millerlite and make miller your beer of choice tonight!! #ad
How do you want me, medium or well done?