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Happy Monday my lovely humans 💕 . . First .Things. First. Although my face says otherwise post workout...Still so excited about winning a month membership to one of my favorite programs @f45_training_jacksonvillebeach at @tropi_cam & @savanna__rose spring shred event this past weekend. Always feel so blessed at these events for being able to be part of such an amazing and beautiful group of ladies! If anyone wants to sign up for classes together give me a shout. Love me some accountability and making my workouts more fun with friends! . . . I have been feeling all types of way lately with my birthday being at the end of the week. Going to be channeling my emotions while looking back on all my setbacks and accomplishment this year. Birthdays to me actually mean something far beyond damn good margaritas, friends/family, & presents. I really like to set time aside the week of my birthday to take everything in and truly feel my blessings while redirecting my focus. Their is something so magical about date of births to me. I have always felt so connected with myself every year during this week and I want to make sure to always take full advantage of the feeling and use it to get back in touch myself & refocus my energy so that I may start another year around the sun in the best way possible. • I hope everyone takes some time this week to feel the sunshine from the inside out . • • ✨☀️😊🌸🦋 : #ariesseason #fuelyourbody #fuelyourmind #blessed #sunshinegirl #stateofmind #fitnessmotivation #springshred #mindfullness #birthdayweek #tiucommunity #springshredsesh #tiuteam
Had the best Birthday weekend! Thank you to everyone who made it extra special ♈️🦋🌸🌊💕
Really feeling a Ginnie Springs trip soon. It’s so important to make room in your schedule to make memories with your friends & loved ones. This is something I am really trying to work on getting better at. The biggest downfall of being such a routine person is becoming consumed in my routine... 🤪 • • What is your favorite memory with your friends!? I hope this sparks something inside of you to plan a trip or adventure soon with the ones that make you the most happy ✨🌈 • • • #behappy #adventuretime #springsummer2019 #toneitupbikiniseries #tiucommunity #funinthesun #ginniesprings #breakingroutine
Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing mamas out there. I’m so lucky to have been BRAVELY FIERCELY raised by mine. 💕🌸 • • #gotitfrommymomma #lovetoloveyou #fitmom #mothersday #tothemoonandback
Happy Monday friends! • • Thinking about sunshine today. Doing my best to stay motivated even with this rainy weather ⛈ Waking up to a gloomy day makes it really hard for me to get going. Anyone else feel me on this?! • • Also just wanted to remind you guys to check out your local Whole Foods for the new Vital Proteins Collagen waters. These have been a great hydration source for me post workout being a super refreshing (reverse osmosis water) collagen infused beverage when I’m craving something other then my lemon water 🍋😊💙 • • Hope everyone has an amazing week! • • #stayvital #collagenpeptides #fitnessmotivation #vitalproteins #postworkoutglow #stayhydrated #tiucommunity #beachhead #reverseosmosiswater #collagenwater #notsponsered #brandrep
Ocean air, Salty hair, Sun kissed skin. • Summer Always Wins. ☀️🌊🐠🐚 • • There is something so beautiful about being out in the middle of the ocean. Jumping into the water, not knowing all the life that swims below you. I must admit it’s scary for me most of the time (like the past weekend when we spotted a shark 🦈 near the boat a minute after we got out of the water) but it’s also magical ✨ • • What’s something you want to do this week that might scare you but in the end you will be happy you did it? • • #oceanair #salty #vitaminsea #beachhead #beachbody #conqueryourfears #tiucommunity #boatdaysarethebestdays #anchorsup #mondaymotivation #fitnessmotivation #bikinigirl #bikiniseason #sunsoutbunsout #floridagirl
Found an hour in between the rain ☔️ today to make my way to the ocean. My head has been so many different places the past few weeks, most good, but some left me feeling out of alignment with myself... You feel me ❓ When I go to the beach, I usually bring a book, a speaker, or my headphones to listen to podcasts but today I felt my mind telling me to just “take a zen moment” and bring NOTHING... so I did exactly that and was happy my man got off work early enough to enjoy it with me. The beach after a storm has always been my favorite (the smell, the rain kissed sand, cool breeze, the Colors, the calm water, the stillness & Lack of people). 🌊✨ • I just wanted to share this as a reminder that sometimes we just need to put everything down and just take a moment to be present both mentally, physically, and spiritually. Sounds cliche I know... but it’s sad that I even have to remind myself and force myself to stop🖐🏻. Especially to give myself permission to take a break from having to always be learning something new. 📚 It’s no lie we live in a fast paced world, that to me, seems to just keep picking up speed every time I blink🌬⌛️. So, I hope you use this as a reminder or an “excuse” to slow down and make some time for yourself to JUST BE 🍃 • #calmthemind #calmthechaos #thecalmafterthestorm #zenmoment #justbe #slowdown #beachhead #beachlife🌴 #tiucommunity #fitnessmotivation #mindovermatter #stillnessspeaks #theartofdoingnothing #justbreath #anchorsup #stayvital #bikinigirl #notsponsored #brandambassador #jaxbeach #fitness #nutritioncoach #vitalproteins #50shadesofblue
It was a great day to be alive 🇺🇸 • • Another well celebrated 4th of July! ❤️💙 • • #landofthebabes #july4th #redwhiteandblue #america #fit4theholidays #beersbudsbabes #jaxbeach #letfreedomring
Life’s a BEACH 🏖 Having a slow Monday morning and I’m totally ok with it. Woke up feeling thankful for all the things and people in my life at the moment a little more than usual. Big changes are about to happen and I’m doing the best I can to embrace them instead of letting the fear of change to my freedom freak me out. Anyone ever feel this way? ❓ • I hope everyone can take some time for themselves today to really take it all in (all the good and hard things in your life) and think about all the things and people that get you through each day as a reminder to feel blessed. To wake up and show up because we CAN and we WANT to... not because we have to. You feel me? 💁🏼‍♀️ • • 📸 @nicole_trio #makingmondaysgreatagain #wakeupshowup #mondaymotivation #bikinilife #beachhead #lifesabeach #blessedlife #summerdays #fitnessmotivation #tiucommunity #sandyfeet #saltyvibes #sandycheeks #sunshinegirl #floridabeaches #summertime🌞#sunkissed #vitaminsea
Diving into Friday like ... SEE YA soon weekend🐬 👋🏻😎 • • Anyone else feel like this week was extra long?! It may have been long but I can be thankful it wasn’t bad. Just a lot to do mostly if you know the feeling 🙋🏼‍♀️ • • Wishing everyone a happy Friday and a splendid weekend! 💗 • • #fridayfeels #oceanminded #fitnessmotivation #beachhead #oceanblue #weekendwarrior #flipping
The world may not always be pretty, but if we take a second to truly open our eyes and silence all the chaos, we can see beauty in everything. • • I have been trying to make a new habit to improve my reactions to negative thoughts and stress. When something negative or stressful pops into my head I legit (don’t care who’s looking) take three deep breaths 🌬and when im finished, if the thought or situation still seems to be as loud as before I know I should/need to address it. And If it fades the slightest bit, I move on from it. I’ll admit it seems silly but it has been making all the difference. • • You can apply this to anything.. before you speak, before you react, before you think... etc. Its so easy to just do something or say something or think something right away without understanding how you really feel about it. So I hope this can help remind you to take the time to see & feel more with heart and less with a blinded mind. ✨ • #lifestoodamnshort #whatwethinkiswhatwebecome
Babe squad was strong this morning. Boxing and some bubbly to start off a Sunday 🥊🍾 • • Thank you @seashells.and.dumbbells for putting on such a great event and a big shout out to @classufcgymnb for the sweat sesh. 💦 • • Having a “proud friend” moment for my gal pal @seashells.and.dumbbells for having her first fitness event. Talk about a bad ass babe accomplishing so many of her goals this past year. Love to love ya 😘💕 • • #fitnessevents #boxingandbubbles #fitnessmotivation #galpals #girlgang #fitnessinfluencer #sundayfunday #babessupportingbabes