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being smol in japan @revolve
🖤🖤 @revolve
CEO of taking pics w food #revolvearoundtheworld
best day ever 🥺🥺 i love Tokyo 
trying to pay Alissa to be my nye kiss @alissaviolet @superdown
we’re late but otw
doesn’t really feel like winter
merry Christmas from my cat lady house 🥰 @superdown
last night @revolve awards 🥰
21st!!!! @superdown threw me a pink 2000s party last night and @jaja gave me my first sip of alcohol ever 👀
stop! I coulda dropped my croissant @revolve
rose girl @revolve
i miss Spain 🥺
Italian summer dreams!! Happy bday talented angel @sarahbahbah honored to be part of ur art always
the rooms on fire and she’s fixing her hair @revolve
right before Edward pulled up behind me and i told him i know what he is and he showed me his diamond skin 
idk some of my drawings
chicken parm
last night ☺️
Last night @alexandrevauthier x @fwrd
🥰🥰🥰 I bet the pic the family took is dope
room w a view
el otro día preparándome para @grancanariamc 🥰
👼🏽 energy
after i did my makeup for an hour to leave my house for 5 mins prob just to show off this new bag @fwrd @givenchyofficial
last week with @philipppleinofficial @philippplein
“your boy has a jawline for days”
stretches in @grlfrnd
no im killing boys