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The Jan/Feb issue of TASTE is here and it’s arrived just in time to help you kick off 2020 refreshed and inspired. Packed with 40+ recipe ideas for an easier, tastier life, you’ll be getting this decade started in style. 💪👊Available at @woolworths_sa stores this week!
Just because the holidays are over, doesn't mean you have to cry silently into a sad salad at your desk. We're embracing the new year with fresh intentions, and have rounded up some of the best, summery salads to spark joy this January. Find them at the link in bio.
The January blues got you down? These flapjacks will have you hopping out of bed and excited to start the day. Find the recipe at the link in bio.
First lunch al desko of 2020 courtesy of @donnellyabi & @biancast__  Jammy chicken, caponata with heirloom toms, soft-boiled eggs fried with chilli... it’s going to be a good decade. #lunchaldesko #wwtaste #sneakpreview
Still don't have your hands on our Jan/Feb issue? HAVE you even started this year properly? What are you waiting for? It's packed with all the fresh and wholesome inspiration you need to kickstart this year.
🎶Back to life, back to reality🎶 If, like us, you've been singing this all week, you're probably in need of a tasty way to ease your way back into said real life. Aside from packing lunchboxes for your kids, you'll likely need one too, and you'll find our favourite lunchbox fillers (for big and little people!) at the link in bio.
Summertime and the living is easy, and despite the fact that you might be back at work, you can still make the most of this sunshine-y weather by firing up the braai and hosting some friends. Find our ultimate braai recipes at the link in bio.
Looking for a little lunchbox inspiration? Look no further. These everyday egg frittatas are quick, good-value hunger busters and their riffable nature means you can chop and change the fillings so you never tire of eating them. Find the recipe at our link in bio.
Start your day the right way – with banana-and-buttermilk flapjacks. Find the recipe at the link in bio.
You say 'tomato', we say 'summer'. There really is no better definition of summer produce than the humble tomato. In this month's issue, we're celebrating tomatoes with a collection of recipes that lets their in-season plump juiciness shine – like in this ridiculously easy galette. Find the recipe for this, and more tomato-ey goodness in the Jan/Feb issue of TASTE, on shelves now.
Following a wildly successful pop-up last year, @meltingpot_streetfood has settled into a permanent home in Cape Town's city bowl. The ever-changing menu, characterised by punchy, fresh flavours, is inspired by cuisines from all over the world, and has cemented the eatery an instant icon. Get to know the food and faces behind Melting Pot in this month's issue of TASTE.
The year is well and truly on the go, and in case it caught you by surprise and you're still looking for some work lunch inspiration, these are the five substantial salads you should make this week. Find them at the link in bio.
Introducing our November cover star: Nutella-and-peanut butter French toast.

Ja, no, look. That'll do. 
Follow the link in our bio for the recipe now.
Want to know what the TASTE team do when they’re not cooking or working? Eating obviously. Editor @katewilsonza is currently in New York looking for trend inspo & meeting some food heroes. Tough job. Here, the dumpling soup & famous fried chicken by David Chang. #whatkateateNYC #foodheroes
A sandwich by any other name... would not come close to this oven-baked triple cheese heartstopper ordered by our intrepid editor @thebreslin @theacehotel But we did try. See the latest issue of Taste for all @Donnellyabi’s trending sandwiches... on sale now
Summer’s almost here and that means it’s time to get that picnic basket ready. For a new twist, try adding some avo-based dishes to the mix – GEM avo, that is. (Follow the link in our bio to get the the recipes 🥑.)
We know what you’ve been cooking! From a no-bake red velvet bomb to chocolate chunk brownie cupcakes (not to mention a celebratory Springbokkie! 🇿🇦), October was a sweet month indeed.

Follow the link in our bio to get the recipes now.
If rice makes you think stodgy, starchy thoughts, it’s time to think again. Make rice the star of the show with quick and easy dishes that deliver on full flavour. Follow the link in our profile to whip 'em up tonight!
Summer’s almost here and that means it’s time to get that picnic basket ready. For a new twist, try adding some avo-based dishes to the mix – GEM avo, that is. 
Get the full recipes (and watch the video!) by following the link in our profile.
An open flame can transform the humblest of veggies – potatoes turn crisp-skinned, onions become sweet, and all that smokiness does something seriously good to jalapeños, brinjals, artichokes and peppers. Follow the link in our bio for four tips to braai veg better.
You're busy, we know. Which is why, in our November issue, @hannahlewry1  has put together 20 meals that will be ready in 30 minutes, or less. But there's no need to wait to get your hands on the magazine: this sausage, butter bean and tomato tray bake recipe is online now!

Follow the link in our bio for the recipe now.
One for the weekend... You're welcome! 
Follow the link in our bio for the recipe now.
35 meals in 30 minutes or less? You'd better believe it! Our fast and easy November issue is on sale at your local @woolworths_sa now!
When @donnellyabi says “I’m going to change your life!”, we know to listen up. And boy, did she deliver with these avocado ritz sarmies. They’re everything you love about avo ritz, now in sandwich form. Head to the link in bio to change your life too.