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There is no illusion greater than fear 🙅🏽‍♀️ what’s one of your fears in life? 🤔
Blues clues 🌚 | for @revolve x @jonathansimkhai
What an amazing way to start a Sunday morning!! ❤️ I am soo grateful to all those who made time to come help with the beach clean up! Thanks so much @cleanmiamibeach for partnering with me and teaching us so much today 🌏 —- Here are 5 small steps we can take to help our beautiful planet 🌍 
1. Ditch the plastic and bring your own reusable straws/bottles/utensils ✅ 
2. Build your own group of friends to clean up your beaches/ parks/ bay any place around you that might have a lot of trash ! 👫👭👬
3. Value your tap water, don’t waste it! 💦 🚿
4. Bring reusable bags with you to the store 🏬 
5. Save electricity! Turn your light, unplug your electronics when you leave the house 🏠 
Comment below ways you think we can help our planet ⬇️
I feel like no one can guess what I’m gonna be this Halloween 🤔 I’m planning for 3 lol -hint: one of them saves animals, another dresses up as an animal and the last one is a American rock singer - 😼 can you guess??
Let me take you on a supermarket date in my comfy favorite @givenchyofficial @fwrd purse, my invite 😘  what would you pick from the store??
Loyalty before royalty ❤️💕| wearing @prettylittlething
Dragon girl 🐉 | New YouTube video!! Learn my tips on how I grew my hair and went from really damaged to healthy in a couple months LINK ON BIO ❤️ /
| nuevo vídeo en mi canal de YouTube!! si quieren saber cómo pude hacer crecer mi pelo y cómo pasé de cabello realmente dañado a saludable EL LINK EN MI BIO 😘😻
Call me, beep me if you wanna reach me I may decide to ignore your call, it’s ok 😽 | wearing @revolve @grlfrnd
I play by my own rules 🍸
Latin Mia ☠️name the movie #👻
Say my name, say my name.... 🤔