Ita Li(t) ® 🌞
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Ita Li(t) ® 🌞
multi kulti rodzinka z jagodowego tipi
hibiscus rosa sinensis
lucid living 🇰🇷
never cry to them, just to your soul
Call me wolf in sheep’s skin ps I hope no one is going to report me cause one second nipple
„Don’t even try to make yourself understood today. It’s not even worth it.” Thanks CO Star you’ve been very helpful lately..
after all of Christmas/New Years sensations my knees ligaments are torn, foot is cut and I have bruises all over my body... so basically I can barely walk BUT I still like to flexin around with @markotitovskiy cuz I would rather die then stop living
Raw shots for @collectamber_ @kundow_ @sonsseung @gwanghyo_ @taeyoungkkim