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ᴊᴇʀᴇᴍʏ ᴘʀᴇᴠᴏsᴛ
I'll never be tired of this... 😃 Have a good weekend 📷: @gopro . . . @meribel3vallees @blackdiamond @cebe_eyewear
Toujours pas de neige annoncée... Heureusement il y a de belles balades à faire en montagne ! Et sur le fil pour prendre son mal en patience 😉👌🏻🤘 📷: @fabien_maierhofer . . . @meribel3vallees @blackdiamond @cebe_eyewear
A Beautiful Place... Mountain ! Whatever conditions, we love coming, feeling the fresh air, watching you... Sharing and smiling with you 😃🤘 . . . @meribel3vallees @blackdiamond @cebe_eyewear
2020 is On ! 2019 was amazing and this new year will be even more incredible 🤘 Skiing is the most magical thing on earth with the family, friends and love ! We are lucky, we can share the ski with all of these worlds ❤⛷😊 Let's rock and happy new year ! Jeremy . . . @meribel3vallees @blackdiamond @cebe_eyewear
Time to charge or to carve ? Whatever It's skiing ! 🤗🚀⛷ 📷: @fabien_maierhofer . . . @meribel3vallees @blackdiamond @cebe_eyewear
A new season is on for Welc[H]ome video project by @meribel3vallees ! Now It's the season 3 and to start well, It was important to share a day with a really good friend, @anthogcn in the powder around the valley 😎 📽: @globalvisualmedia x Méribel Tourisme . . . @blackdiamond @cebe_eyewear @gopro
Snow is finally back for Christmas ! Yeahh Sounds pretty good for the next days 🍾🔥👌🏻 (Be careful in the mountain, be safe) 📷: @alexgphoto38 x Méribel Tourisme . . . @meribel3vallees @blackdiamond @cebe_eyewear
Waiting for a new snowfall ! So in love with the powder, please come 🙏😊 . . . @meribel3vallees @blackdiamond @cebe_eyewear @gopro
Freezing Moon 📷: @alexgphoto38 x Méribel Tourisme . . . @meribel3vallees @blackdiamond @cebe_eyewear
Powder morning love with my friend @anthogcn . Just the pleasure to be relax and to share pretty good turns in the fresh snow at home ⛷🙏 . . . @meribel3vallees @blackdiamond @cebe_eyewear @gopro