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every day i think “it can’t get worse” (it = the air quality), and yet every day it is. i had to stop posting pics of how bad the skies look! i’ve only run 1x in the past week and a half, so have been extremely grateful for the @vcfitness.pdx fam pivoting to indoor workouts that are manageable with masks. . a few clips from last week’s vc work. i remember starting my weightlifting journey, seeing people lift barbells over their head 🏋🏻‍♀️, and thinking - i will break myself doing that! haven’t broken myself yet 🤣, but still have a lot to improve with form (knees and back/core) and increasing my confidence lifting overhead. but love being able to track my progress over time and using vids to spot where i need to improve. set new prs for my snatch and clean and jerk this week! 🙌🏼 . #bibchat#pdxlife #ladieswholift #snatch #cleanandjerk