Josh R. Norman
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Josh R. Norman
Where you are today isn’t the determining factor of where you’ll be tomorrow. But Everyday is its own starting point to create a dynasty that’ll last when you’re gone..
When you look in the Mirror every morning you wake, who do you See? Details are everything.. Are you content, satisfied or dissatisfied? Either of the 3 you choose there’s still room for improvement. Every day is an opportunity to get better & do something extraordinary that Matters in this World. Make your mark; you only get 1 shot! -So Let’s go get em’
Without the courage and bravery from these men and women of our armed forces, the freedoms that so many possess would not be granted. Because of the sacrifices of the few proud & brave... we live on.. Honor them 💯 #VeteransDay 🇺🇸
These young boys & girls of Digital Pioneers Academy, inspired me this week with their abilities to exceed the status-quo of others their age. By learning the future of their generation, Innovative computer technology I got to see 1st hand the big things these guys are doing and to receive the 1st Ever Educational grant from the @playerscoalition speaks volumes.. so continue the success moving forward towards the future and beyond- 🙏🏾
No matter how young you are if you have a dream and truly believe it you can achieve it. For every adult was once a child with a dream✨ Role reversal in full Effect! 💫 -Let’s go get em’
Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be. Job 8:7
We can plead for success, but be given perspective. The only choice you have over what life hands you, is how you view it. So let’s go get em’
In the mist of the hazy storm Still we press forward into the abyss! Regardless of the climb Still we shall rise! No matter what, keep in mind you have a - Heart of a Champion💪🏽 That canNOT be defined!
I was blessed with the great honor of being present once again for an extraordinary night for the #bgca Youth Of The Year. listening to their inspiring ambitious stories, you can tell these kids future’s are bright! Their determination is matched only by their will to succeed at all costs and for that @starz24org & myself are glad to stand beside the youth on their quest to achieving those dreams. Congrats to all of the contestants.. but to the 2019 #YOTY Sabrina. You did your thang girl 👏🏽
Under the cover of Darkness We Test our Limits;🦇 Fearlessly we climb. To the Victor goes the spoils. Let’s go get em