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Karlee Cobb
#KaronaJames takes on winter ❄️
Merry Christmas Eve 🎄
The biggest of SMILES 😁 #KaronaJames
And the friendship grows stronger day by day 🙈 #DoubleTrouble #KaronaJames #AspenKaye
Meet Aspen, the neatest addition to the Crazy Cross Ranch! Tanner and I have been talking about getting a puppy for Karona to grow up with. We’ve gotten a few puppies since he was born and they didn’t seem to grow a liking to him like we’d hope. We’ve had little Aspen for less than 24 hours and she’s grown obsessed with Karona. Cries when he cries, has to be near him at all times, takes little naps with him and is super gentle with him. These two are going to be trouble ❤️🙈 #KaronaJames #aspenkaye
Cousin tummy time 👶🏻 #KaronaJames #TheaMae
I could spend all day staring at you 💙#KaronaJames
When I first got Toby as a “rescue” I only knew so much about his breed, mostly from google. I didn’t realize the true capabilities he had and the breed all around. When I started dating tanner he had a good set of grey hounds and introduced not only me but Toby into the coyote hunting world. This was and is one of tanners biggest hobbies. We have now added quite a few more greyhounds to the family. They are all anxious to go hunting! Excited to see the old guys teach the pups this year. 🤘🏼 #greyhounds #coyotehunting #Southdakota #badass