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Today I decided to do something I have wanted to do for AGES. And …there might be some who take it personally…but it’s like this…you don’t need to tag me to pay attention. If you are someone I feel worthy of following….I will find you. I WILL respond. And if I don’t…even that means NOTHING. It doesn’t change how I value you as a person. It doesn’t change the value of what you post…because whether or not I choose to react to a certain post comes down to many factors. This page has and always will be authentic. With all it’s ups and downs..with all of its good, bad, interesting, mundane….etc. I feel and have always felt that tagging forms some kind of a small clique of people, and if I follow that already means that I value you, that I support you. When I started this whole insanity which is Instagram I absolutely loved how it brought people all around the world with similar views, values and mindsets together. Mostly for me women supporting women…so from today I will no longer single out women or people I admire. Just know that I’m here to share a little insight into my life…my views…my values…and maybe along the way have the opportunity to influence and motivate others. I love my community and I no longer wish to play favorites…because I’m not here to amass a following or sell you crap you don’t need…I’m just a normal woman…fighting the same battles as everyone else…trying to figure this crazy life out….for me. So take me or leave me. As I am.