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omg i’m in the new yorker 😳😳🤯 —— three years ago i was lamenting to jacob that i wished i could draw. he told me that like anything else, drawing is a skill that takes time and practice, and if i wanted to get better at it i should take a class. (such practical advice!) so i took an intro to drawing class, but to get from there to actually making art was quite a nonlinear path for me, full of starts and stops. —— i still hesitate when calling myself an artist. it feels like i’m not enough of a “real” artist to deserve that title. but reflecting on my journey over the last three years is an important reminder to celebrate the process just as much as the milestones. —— thanks so much to @irvingruan and @newyorkermag for this opportunity, was so fun to collab with you on this project! ✨
day 76 of #100daysofandnotor: “i accept who i am AND i want to change.” —— self acceptance is a journey and for me it hasn’t been a linear path. i’m in a healthier and more compassionate place with myself now, but there are many ups and downs to embracing what makes me unique, owning my difference, and honestly just building self confidence so i can move through the world without crippling anxiety weighing every decision i make. i have to work at being kind to myself. like it’s okay that i didn’t work on your art after my day job and instead came home and just watched 4 straight hours of veronica mars (not the new season yet, so no spoilers!) —— but accepting who i am doesn’t mean there aren’t things i want to change about myself. i want to become better, to grow in certain areas, change certain habits and develop new routines. live a healthier lifestyle. work out every day. make time for more of my art practice. be a good partner. be a good dog mom. call my parents 2x a week. call my grandma. eat more salads. focus better. —— but when does personal growth get to be too much? i want to believe my obsession with self improvement is about more than just increasing my own productivity and status, that it’s for a higher purpose to be a better version of myself, but who is that serving? is this something capitalism has actually just conned me into? and “personal growth” and change is just about finding new ways to win? this fixation on constant adaptation to improve can be very exhausting and depleting at times. so yeah idk. i’m both embracing acceptance while also trying to change. and trying to change how much i’m obsessed with change. —— 76/100
tonight the alabama state senate passed house bill 314. if this bill is signed into law, abortion would be effectively banned and outlawed at every stage of pregnancy, doctors who perform abortions would be criminalized, face felonies, and face up to 99 years in prison. —— “The Alabama abortion ban is not just about outlawing the health care procedure from the moment of conception, endangering doctors, challenging Roe v. Wade, or policing women’s bodies. The ban will also put a lot more black women in prison than anyone else.” —@jamilksmith —— we know what happens when you ban abortion. look up @monachalabi’s amazing graphic that illustrates the rise of abortion-related maternal deaths when it is outlawed. —— abortion is about choice and choice is freedom. men need to keep their hands off and leave women in charge of our own bodies. fight against abortion restrictions by advocating for safe, legal abortions and supporting local abortion centers like @arc_southeast, @yellowfund, @naralprochoicega and more.
day 75 of #100daysofandnotor: “i’m a nice person AND i’m full of anger.” —— today’s words come from @realaskpolly. i recently finished her book, “how to be a person in the world,” a very poignant collection of essays from her “ask polly” advice column in @thecut. this duality of niceness while still holding anger really struck me, as i feel it’s a familiar battle for most women — whether at home or in the workplace. smile, be pleasant, don’t rock the boat. any demonstration of frustration or anger is taken as a reflection of your character, something bigger than simply experiencing a normal emotion. heather havrilesky writes, “a lot of women are afraid of being something.” i think my difficulty with my anger is that i want to be a nice person, but more importantly (and perhaps, problematically), i want everyone else to think i am nice. but maybe being nice isn’t the thing. maybe it’s just about being fundamentally good, which niceness doesn’t always correlate to. —— i’ve been angry since i was 15 years old. some of that anger was justified by bullies, the rest of it was probably chalked up to teen feels. anyone who knows me knows i carry a grudge like nobody’s business, and that anger for me doesn’t dissipate with time, but rather it compounds. i think anger is a really healthy emotion to express, and to own, especially as a woman. i want women’s anger to be taken more seriously, not dismissed. like there are so fucking many legitimate reasons for us to be pissed!!! but anger is seen as a Bad emotion, not a ~ nice ~ one. fuck it. i can be angry. and i can be nice. —— ps: for anyone interested in the subject, i’ve also started rebecca traister’s new book on this — “good and mad: the revolutionary power of women’s anger.” the book dives into the history of women’s anger and its role in fueling politics. —— 75/100
day 74 of #100daysofandnotor: “what i do AND who i am.” —— hi, i’m back. i am going to finish this series even though it’s taken me wayyy longer than 100 days! it’s been a while, a lot of life has happened, and it’s honestly been a pretty tough and stressful time for me. i can’t remember a time where i felt such a lack of clear purpose, yet driven by abstract daydreams and pursuit of happiness, ~ success ~, or something in between. —— one of the new life things in the last 6 months was that i decided to take a full time job. a lot of factors led to this decision, and to be honest, a big one was financial sustainability. and my job is fulfilling in many ways, but it doesn’t wholly define me. i haven’t been able to make the time i want to for my own creative work and practice, which leads me to question - can i distinguish who i am from what i do? —— i am not (just) my work, but i measure myself through my work. and “work” as a default is our job, the work we do to support ourselves and make a living, not the work we do to feed our soul. our society is obsessed with defining and categorizing people by what they do. people rarely ask, “who are you?” (which i’d argue is a much more interesting question). they ask, “what do you do?” as a proxy for trying to understand who you are. what i do is a part of defining who i am, but it’s not the defining part. or is it? —— who am i? i’m a woman, a daughter, a sister, a partner, a dog mom. a product manager, an artist. i’m defined by my successes and failures, my family, friends and loved ones, the people in my life, what makes me happy, what makes me sad, what makes me angry, what gives me hope, and how i relate to the world. —— 74/100
excited to share this project — did this illustration for @medium in honor of women’s history month. “revolution is not a onetime event.” audre lorde described herself as “black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet.” her life’s work was fighting injustices: racism, sexism, homophobia. i wanted to honor her voice in this piece for medium, a platform where words matter. another one of my favorite quotes from her is: “women are powerful and dangerous.” ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
“soft boss energy” aka my undying love for millennial pink
the obliteration room
yves klein blue 🍑
colin kaepernick, hero. —— new illustration for @theoutrageonline’s heroes collection. i stand with colin kaepernick. his activism is an inspiration, his kneeling has become a movement, speaking truth to power. —— “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”