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Born in the Mountains. #KÜHL #borninthemountains
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The open road is calling. Photo by: @makcrist
The redwoods, in all their glory. Photo by: @casunshine0508
@ranznav and a few friends arrived at Arizona's Monument Valley early on a Saturday morning and were greeted by zero visibility fog and couldn't see a thing. Down on the valley floor, it was nice and beautiful, but Ranz was determined to get that blue hour shot of the Mittens that he came for, so they spent the night. In the morning, he woke to find that the fog had cleared. His eyes grew big and his heart was pounding, there it was. The Mittens were beautiful. Photo by: @facelesshiker ft. @ranznav
Craving high altitudes. Post by: @626sly ; Photo taken by: @jona_ah
Missing the mountains. Photo by: @dustyroam
Self-isolating in the woods. Photo by: @tiffpenguin
Got the open road on our mind. Photo by: @ranznav ft. @facelesshiker
Probably one of my favorite views of Mount Rainier in the summer or spring. This area, called Tipsoo Lake, is a popular tourist spot that displays the mountain nestled behind the lake. At the right angle, you can get a pretty clear reflection shot, however I took a different approach to demonstrate the wildflowers blooming during this time of the year. It’s always nice to go to popular scenic spots for sunset, but always try to find a way to convey the setting differently. It’s okay to be different. The worse part about shooting this shot were the mosquitos. Enough said. Photo and Caption by: @rivryan_photography
Don't forget to smile. Photo by: @makcrist