Maya Thompson
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Maya Thompson
Alexa, play The Man by Taylor Swift. I am heartbroken, disgusted, and pissed off at what Taylor is going through thanks to two greedy men named @scooterbraun and @scott.borchetta. Taylor has been dragged through the mud time and time again, by the press, on social media, and by other celebrities and I am so fucking tired of it. She has been stripped of her life's work and now she is being told she cannot perform her own songs unless she complies with some bullshit terms. This is beyond unfair. These men are literally making millions of dollars on words that she wrote on her bedroom floor and now they're saying she doesn't have the right to sing own her songs because THEY own them. As my friend @ifalc would say, ”What kind of handmaids tale bullshit is this?!” Growing up, how many times did you hear the saying, ”Sugar and Spice and everything nice, that's what little girls are made of.” Girls everywhere are told to play nice. To sit down and shut up. To be small. This needs to stop and I am so proud of my friend @taylorswift for continuing to blaze this trail not only for women but for other artists everywhere. I stand with Taylor, always and forever. Fuck you, Scooter and Scott. What you are doing is beyond wrong. Give Tayor back her music, including the song ”Ronan” which I am co-writer on. #ronan #fucancer #istandwithtaylor #teamtaylor #fuckscooterbraun #fuckscottborchetta
Following in her Auntie Jo’s footsteps. @dr_cacciatore_loves_chemakoh #ronan #fucancer #tinyactivist #thisis6
Día de Muertos and Poppy got up in front of her whole class to honor her brother. It's been a rough week but I am so happy that Poppy is at a school where she feels safe in sharing her feelings. This picture made me ugly cry in the best and worst way. #ronan #fucancer #thisis6 #missyouro #rockstarronan
When your Wednesday Addams refuses to break character. #ronan #fucancer #girlgang @kk_steele
”Wednesday’s at that very special age when a girl only has one thing on her mind.” ”Boys?” ”Homicide.” #ronan #fucancer #wednesdayaddams #dreamsdocometrue
It's the most wonderful time of the year. #ronan #fucancer #bestschoolever #wednesdayaddamsisabadass #girlgang
After school play dates are the sweetest. @thecandytopia #ronan #fucancer #thisis6 #poppyroo
My sister wife gives me life! If you have not seen @lizzobeeating in concert, you must go! Best night and we made some amazing new friends. @kk_steele @jessicafrosch @ittastelikemo #ronan #fucancer #lizzo #thevanburen #lizzoday
Scavenger hunt with the clues being lyrics from one of her favorite songs, which led to concert tickets, is how you ask a girl to homecoming. #ronan #fucancer #sunnyslope #iwantarefundonmyhighschoolboyfriend #couplegoals @quinn.thompson24 @_whitneylane_
Desert beauties. #ronan #fucancer #naturebabes #firstgrade